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Return Gifts

One of the most challenging services a wedding planner has to handle is that of Return Gifts for a wedding or any life event. It is challenging because more often than not the budget of the client and choice of gift has to go hand in hand. It is a customary tradition in Indian weddings to present relatives and friends with gifts as a token of love from the bride and groom's side before or during a wedding. The allocation of funds for each gift will vary according to the degree of closeness of a guest to the particular family.

As wedding planners we need to have gifts in varying budgets and size to suggest to the client. In earlier days return gifts meant mostly Sarees, Dhotis and blouse materials. But now the whole concept has changed. With options galore to choose from every client wants their gift to be unique, different and useful too.

Return gifts can range from gold & silver articles, silk garments, artefacts on the expensive side to paintings, stoles, fruit baskets, miniatures, boxes filled with sweets and savouries. While the upper limit cannot be fixed the minimum budget has to be at least Rs.75/-

Essentially clients have a slab pattern in the budget with the near and dear occupying the top slot. Some clients insist on every guest leaving with a gift - it could just be a box of sweets too.

As wedding planners, Haritham goes by the client's need, budget and taste in sourcing the gifts. Given below are a few factors that Haritham works around with when it comes to Return Gifts.

Choice of Gifts is Based On Client's : - requirement

- budget

- numbers

- cost of transportation

- exclusivity

- ease of gifting ( personal delivery vs couriering )

- customised packing

- ease of procurement in case of last minute additions

Choice of Gifts popular with the Clients include: - Gold Coins - Silver lamps & other articles - Customised Sarees 7 Dhotis - Handicrafts

- Miniature idols

- Glass Paintings

- Tanjore Paintings

- Set of trays - Silk stoles & scarves

- Stainless Steel Items - Jewel Boxes

- Fruit Baskets

- Sweet Boxes

- Dry Fruit Boxes

- Potted Plants

- Eco friendly products

Decorative Packing: The beauty of the gift is lost if it is not well presented. We undertake:

- Customised gift wrapping

- Gift Boxes

- Gift Bags

- Engraving / Printing

- Thank you notes

- Personalised notes

We have a dedicated staff from Haritham to help you in disbursing the gifts at the time of the wedding.

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