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Why do I choose Haritham Catering for my wedding?

Wedding Catering services is not merely a business because food at Indian weddings is perhaps the most important factor that can make or mar a wedding. Serving a delicious meal with all courtesies extended is considered as the highest honor. So, Best Catering Services In Chennai is not to be taken lightly.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the state of mind in which food is cooked and consumed has a great impact on one’s metabolism. And above all, as the Vedic directive goes never despise food –


In any event or wedding, the foremost factor that Catering Services work towards is to treat the guests to a great culinary feast. It is believed by Catering Services that a well-fed man is happy and in turn blesses the host and his family with the choicest of good tidings.

When we take charge of wedding catering, we leave no stone unturned. Special masters are brought in to recreate the original taste. Even if we are not doing the catering as is wont with hotels, as wedding planners we help them in opting for the right choice of menu to make it a memorable experience for the guests. Brahmin Catering, Our Seer Bakshanams are regarded as top class in terms of quality and taste and for the uses of high-quality ingredients that keeps them fresh for up to a month.

Right from a traditional Sadhya meal to a Multiple – Course International platter, from lip smacking specialties from each region to a customised menu fit for Royalty, from providing traditional sweets & savouries that is specific to each community to specialised bakers of repute for exquisite wedding cakes, from traditional Arathi plates to decorative Engagement trays, providing A to Z of things required for various rituals in all types of weddings, from Thamboolam to exclusive Paan varieties, from organising Sammandhi Virundhu to Thanksgiving Lunch / Dinners post the wedding, Home Catering prior to and post the events, Jain Food, dining facilities for Physically challenged and senior citizens at wedding venues –  we are proud to say that we are one of the Marriage Catering Services in Chennai And Brahmin Catering Services in Chennai.

‘Aditi Devo Bhava’

Indian Cuisine & Wedding Catering

Ancient Indian cuisine had this striking feature – it was closely associated and based on Ayurveda – balancing the Tridoshas. That is why our ancestors used to treat food as medicine for most ailments. Even today in wedding or event catering we take our responsibilities seriously
in providing our guests with healthy and well-cooked dishes. 

Our ancestors have been inspiring examples in their scientific approach to food and cooking; bringing out so many flavors through the right combinations of natural ingredients, catering Services also followed it. As for Catering Services, Indian cuisine is one of the best in the world in every
manner – taste, ingredients, herbs, flavors, varieties in vegetables, fruits,

The variety we have in terms of cuisines, the varieties of sweets, savories, dishes, desserts in each being unmatched by any other in the world. We need to look no further and just have to hone our skills and serve Nala Bhaagam. If you are looking for authenticity in food then Haritham Catering is the one to choose.

Quality in Wedding Catering

As wedding caterers, we try to turn to our Catering Services roots in bringing out healthy ingredients some of which may have been long forgotten, to be used in recipes. It is our endeavor to also revive regional specialties as part of the Catering menu so that the current generation also has a taste of it. As caterers,  all of the above mentioned are very important to us. Quality cannot be compromised since it is that which makes us stand apart as one among the most sought-after Best Catering Services in Chennai.

We work with professional catering services masters who are thorough about their work and will work only with quality ingredients. As the catering service of repute, we do not settle for short cuts or substitutes. If a dish has to be made in a certain way, it will be adhered to even if it is time-consuming or labor-intensive.

We abhor the use of chemical substitutes even if it means an increase in cost. We do not believe in bagging catering service orders for the sake of business and talk to the client at length, explaining why our catering services costs could be marginally high. In all cases, we have found the clients appreciating our genuineness and agreeing to our terms.

The quality of food delivered by us each time has only earned us more clients, thereby strengthening our resolve in not compromising on quality.

Gauging the right quantity in wedding catering – A Skill

Catering services, gauging the number of guests expected to dine at every session at a wedding is very tricky. As wedding caterers, we normally go by the numbers given by the client for every meal like breakfast, lunch, snacks,dinner, etc 

But going by our catering services experience we also have our own method of calculating numbers with basic information from the client. This is also helpful for the client to plan their budget and for menu selection. However on the day of the event, for catering services, one needs a keen eyeto observe the crowd at the venue and make arrangements for extra guests if the situation so demands since no prediction can be 100% correct.

Overestimation will lead to wastage. So, it’s a very tricky situation that can only be mastered with years of catering services experience. As wedding caterers, we truly need to master the art of Nala Bhaagam.

So when you appoint us as caterers you can rest assured that there will be nowastage of material and money.

Wedding Catering: A professional Approach Required

Wedding Catering: A professional Approach Required

Catering services is a competitive business. Like any other profession, wedding caterers need to be extremely innovative and quality-conscious always to give the best to the wedding guests.Every wedding or an event must stand out as an example of a wedding
caterer’s ability to deliver. Since wedding catering is all about affecting one of the five senses of an individual – one may even say the most important sense, that of taste along with the sense of smell and sight – Catering services extreme care must be taken to create the perfect impact.

Whether it is planning the dishes or the manner in which the Catering service is done the wedding caterer has to give the perfection befitting the occasion. Every guest should be made to feel special. Guests are special to the client and
as the client’s representative in the hospitality service the wedding caterer has
the responsibility to honor them and make them feel good.

The entire dining experience should be wholesome and enjoyable. At Haitham Catering we ensure that this is done.

Healthy Innovations in wedding Catering

In terms of catering services menu, most guests come to a wedding expecting a delicious and a varied menu than to which one is used to having every day. And when you cater to an enormous range of people – in terms of age groups, taste, eating practices – the right chord has to be struck. A couple of surprise elements always makes the wedding caterers accolades and they get noticed By catering services. As wedding caterers, we have discovered in recent times that guests are open to new ideas in terms of snacks and beverages.

Any innovative ideas introduced by our catering services are received with great enthusiasm and positive response.

For example, our catering service, where snacks are concerned we have tried to bring back healthy eating by introducing traditional items like Sundal, Kozhukattais, and salads. Although youngsters look for fried items like Bajjis, chips, and Pakodas when Catering services tasty Sundal varieties are placed before them they consume it with gusto.

Kozhukattais are served by our catering services with different fillings.Similarly, Amminikozhukattais are Madespicy and colorful with spinach mixed
in the base batter. 

Most of these snacks are steamed with minimal oil by catering services, but very spicy and palatable. In North Indian varieties BhelPuri and similar Chaat varieties serve as a good option. While suggesting wedding menu for the clients our catering services suggested healthier options like these snacks. In catering services, Delicious Puttu and Paniyaaram varieties with mild taste variations are also a huge hit. Sweet Paniyaarams and Kaarapaniyaarams are always welcome as snack items. Traditional items have a unique and indisputable taste. Rediscovering the taste of these items through a Catering services menu is most welcome to most guests.

Deciding the Menu: An interesting part of Wedding Catering

Selection of an appropriate Menu plays a major role in the success of an event. Its proper execution being the other major element. As wedding caterers in Chennai known for our innovative creations, we find most clients are excited about choosing the catering menu. Only 10% of clients leave it completely to our discretion either due to lack of time or due to living away from home and not knowing the trend or simply because of a lack of interest.

In the normal course of discussion with any wedding caterer, the initial enthusiasm of the client tends to include all types of dishes into a packed menu. When you are considered as one among the best wedding caterers in Chennai we have a lot of responsibility in convincing are urban clients about the need for a crisp and appealing menu.

Clients who perform weddings in their ancestral village or town lean more towards traditional dishes in catering services whereas clients based in Chennai tend to get a bit overboard in mixing cuisines.  It is then our catering services duty to advice on what would be an ideal choice and the best appreciated too.

For a recent engagement that we did the client was very clear about the catering menu they wanted. It was an evening event and they were particular about having only tiffin items in the catering menu.

Catering is all about knowing the pulse – in this case, the taste – of the guests in general and providing what they look forward to. As event caterers we are duty-bound to go by the client’s request, but should also be responsible enough to give a wholesome catering menu that would satisfy most people invited and make it a memorable event.

We are Eco-Friendly

Event catering currently encompasses a whole gamut of allied services. Gathering of any type entails huge waste on hand that must be disposed of properly. Our catering services believe that planning ahead is better than looking for a solution post the event.

As a rule, our catering services avoid using plastics at all costs. We try to minimize the use of paper to contribute our bit towards having a healthy environment. Eco-Friendly products like earthenware, Bamboo, jute and recyclable items are on top of our catering services list.

Right from the containers used for rituals and Pooja used by the purohits we look for aesthetics in every detail.

Our catering services take it a bit further and try to provide organic vegetables where the client affords us the liberty.

   Aditi Devo Bhava

To us at Haritham, we are the hosts; not our client, true to the tradition of the ‘Art of Virundhombal’ / "khatirdari" which is synonymous with the Indian way of life. We strongly believe in the culture of indefinite / immeasurable hospitality.

In any event or wedding the foremost factor that all of us work towards to is to treat the guests to a great culinary feast. It is believed that a well-fed man is happy and in turn blesses the host and his family with the choicest of good tidings. The host in turn reckons every guest or Aditi to be equivalent to God and strives to honour them with the best.

Why Haritham ?

                                            For us catering is not just about serving tasty and quality food. 

At Haritham we ensure that a guest’s overall dining experience is a fulfilling one – not just to the palette but to ensure that they are always overwhelmed by the warmth of service accorded to them. We respect every guest and serve only after the guests are seated, unless an extraordinary situation demands it.  

This not only helps us serve each guest as per his / her taste but also reduces wastage of food by having served food in advance that you probably do not wish to have. 

Eye For Detail

As far as choice of menu is concerned we ensure to look into the client's family / regional tradition and incorporate as many culinary specialities as possible to make the feast authentic and tasty. 

Special masters are brought in to recreate the original taste and no effort is spared to make it a memorable experience for all. We try to revive and serve as many traditional long forgotten dishes. 


No Wastage

We believe that every client of ours should get value for money. We respect their budget and customise menus to suit the client. Food is to be revered and hence we avoid wastage of any kind in the kitchen and dining area. 

Even where elaborate menus are demanded by the client we do not blindly agree to it. Instead we weigh the pros and cons and look to see if it's prudent and suitable to the occasion and give our options accordingly.  


Indian Cuisine is one of the THE BEST in the world for the sheer variety and different flavours that it encompasses. 

Given below is a list of dishes under each heading but these are in no way exhaustive or representative of Indian Gourmet. 

It is merely to provide an idea of what is generally preferred in weddings and life events and can be mixed and matched in any manner depending on individual’ taste.

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