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Presentation in Wedding Catering

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Haritham Catering  in the true sense of the word not only stands for quality food cooked in the right proportions but also encompasses the proper presentation of food and the way it is served. As wedding Catering Services when we speak about presentation it is not about the food styling or garnishing or the lavish spread of items.

In a wedding where hundreds of guests are to be served these elements – like food styling – cannot come into play beyond a limit. Catering Services for the simple reason that as guests  begin to come in to eat the only thing foremost in the mind of the wedding catering services is the prompt refilling of items, so that guests don’t have to wait for their fill.

In Marriage Catering Services presentation carries along with it a lot of responsibility. Right from draping of the dining tables – if Catering Services is a sit down service – cleaning of the tables, use of proper table covers, constant cleaning of split food below the tables to the hand wash area being properly maintained by catering services, everything is the responsibility and speaks volumes of the wedding catering services caliber and skills.

catering services personnel must be in clean attire, complete with gloves and caps. Most important rule to be observed is organized catering services with minimum verbal communication and clock wise coordination between the catering services team. Shouting across the distance for dishes to be brought in is almost like insulting the guest.

Cleanliness is the essence of wedding catering services. Whether it is the physical appearance of the people serving or the neatly stacked containers for serving full attention must be paid to keeping things neatly in catering services and in an organised fashion. Dishes out to be kept covered at all times to avoid unnecessary spoilage by catering services.

Clearing the area of pests and flies beforehand is a must.

Catering Services Personnel need to be taught the art of serving. Serving is not about reaching all items in the menu to the guest’s plate. It is serving with care the right quantity at the allotted space without spilling or any sign of disrespect to the guest it is important for catering services.

It is also important for the catering services people to know all about the dishes that they dish out. When they are asked what a dish is made of they need to answer clearly about the ingredients.

This is more so important in cases where a guest may be allergic to an ingredient and hence incorrect information could be dangerous.

Brahman Catering Services in Chennai :

Wedding catering services is a highlight in every Wedding Planners because we in India give a lot of importance to the food served for each event in a wedding catering services. Given the multitude of dishes in our cuisine it is a herculean task to bring in the right balance to suit everyone’s taste.

In Catering Services One golden rule that we as wedding caterers follow is to serve the dishes only after the guests are seated. In India Catering services firmly believe that every guest or Aditi is equivalent to God. They need to be looked after well so that they pass on their hearty blessings to the couple.

Guests are present at the event not just for the food. Hence serving them should never be looked at as  a chore but as a catering service to make them feel special and wanted. In any case Catering Services serving after the guests are seated also helps in giving them what they want and avoid wastage of food.

In case of Buffet, then neat arrangements of counters with clear labelling of each dish is a must. Catering Services Proper planning of counters is mandatory to avoid a sense of obstruction and lack of elbow space which leaves the guests with a dissatisfied feel , however tasty the food may be.

A Wedding Catering Services is the representative of the host and it is his duty to make the entire dining experience a wholesome and satisfying one for the guest.  Every small gesture matters and a genuine personal touch is that which differentiates and helps us retain a place in the top

Deciding the Menu : An interesting part of Wedding Catering Services:

Selection of an appropriate Menu plays a major role in the success of an event, especially in case of wedding Catering Services. Its proper execution being the other major element. As wedding Best Catering Services in Chennai known for our innovative creations, we at Haritham find most clients excited about choosing the menu.

Only 10% of clients leave it completely to Catering Services discretion either due to lack of time or due to living away from home and not knowing the trend or simply because of a lack of interest.

In the normal course of discussion with any wedding Catering Services the initial enthusiasm of the client leans towards including all types of dishes into a packed menu. When you are considered as one among the Brahmin Catering Services in Chennai we have a lot of responsibility in convincing our clients about the need for a crisp and appealing menu.

Clients who perform weddings in their ancestral village or town lean more towards traditional dishes whereas clients based in Chennai tend to get a bit overboard in mixing cuisines.  It is then our duty to advice on what would be an ideal choice and the best appreciated too. 

Wedding catering services menu is generally the traditional type, since it mainly entails a sit down 'Elai Sapaadu' or lunch. It is the reception dinner that always is a mix of all cuisines, more so if it is a Buffet Dinner. Clients generally prefer to have starters like Soup and small bites followed by the main course and ending with elaborate dessert counters. 

The main courses are a mix of south and north Indian dishes with Indian breads and masala side dishes being hot favourites. As Marriage Catering Services in Chennai we advise our clients against having too many dishes which results in wastage most of the time. 

One must also consider the type of guests that will  be attending the wedding including the percentage of senior citizens. Most senior citizens prefer simple food and shy away from the hot and spicy items.  As wedding catering services we like the guests to leave the dining hall with a wholesome dining experience and not with a disappointed feeling of not having had a good meal. After all Indian hospitality is all about treating the  guests as equivalent to God.

WE at Haritham take our business of wedding catering services very seriously and hence insist on our clients going with the right choice rather than a grand choice of Wedding Planners menu. 

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