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Raghu Lakshminaarayanan, Founder

Raghu Lakshminaarayan's brain child, Haritham Events, is the culmination of his passion for combining tradition with aesthetics and  bringing  a refreshing change in our approach to weddings .

As a much sought after International Wedding Photographer, he envisaged Haritham as a one stop platform for fulfilling the varying  wedding needs of every client. 

He has thus far succeeded in his vision to make each wedding special within the given budget, strictly adhering to traditional practises, earning the reputation of being one of the top rated wedding planners in Chennai

Setting high standards for deliverance, Raghu Lakshminaarayan firmly believes in the maxim of Aditi Devo Bhava and therefore allows no compromises on the quality of services offered.

 His extensive experience and indepth knowledge of Vedas & Sampradayas is the foundation on which Haritham's success as a wedding planner wrests.


Meera Balachandar,  Event Director , always looks forward to giving the client a stress free time to enjoy the family wedding / event.  

Her client- interfacing skills helps in perfect understanding of their requirements, which helps in making every  event a success. 

Extremely patient, her cool demeanour is a reassuring factor, that helps solve any crisis or sudden demands by the client.

Meera Balachandar,
Co-founder & Event Director


Shamala Raghu, Event Director, works tirelessly to meticulously plan and execute all arrangements for a wedding / event to clock wise precision. 

Extremely energetic and on the move, she ensures  timely coordination making sure  there are no last minute glitches.

Her quick wittedness equips her to handle any unplanned situation, requiring speedy action, endearing her to all around

Shamala Raghu, Event Director

“Thinking well is wise; planning well, wiser;

but doing well is the wisest and best of all "

At HARITHAM we think and plan so well that we do you  life time memories to cherish. 

Raghu Lakshminaarayanan and Meera Balachandar- started out as Wedding photographers – – which gave them a chance to see up close the various issues faced by the parents due to bad management by different vendors, calling in for last minute coordination that was time consuming and energy sapping for them. And ultimately no one enjoyed the wedding, time being spent on follow ups and sudden hiccups. 

Raghu Lakshminaaryanan then realised that a little discipline and professionalism could make things a lot easier for the client in planning the various services. A lot of traditional aspects were either ignored or not attended to due to a lackadaisical approach that really frustrated us. 

And like Photography, Event Planning had so many creative challenges that made it so exciting, that we decided to get started on it.

That's how HARITHAM came along

Event Management is all about effectively managing the two ‘M’s – Money Power & Man Power. 

We combine it with another ‘M’ – Our Mind Power. 

Which in turn gives you the fourth ‘M’ – mind blowing Memories. 

And We are there for the following reasons too……

  • Two heads are always better than one 

  • We are experienced 

  • We Work to all budgets. Efficient Budget Management. 

  • Friendly, Open Minded & Easy to work with

  • Single Point of Contact for you - Haritham

  • Endless options thrown at you

  • Integrated services

  • Time & Energy Conserved

  • You are Stress Free 

  • Optimum Value for Money Spent

  • Surprise Elements 

  • Out of the box thinking


 So Think Events, Think Haritham! 

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