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Haritham Wedding Planner Chennai

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Haritham Wedding Planners in Chennai, We offer end to end services that would make you wonder if you are a guest yourself at your family wedding.
Right from planning a theme to organizing the Wedding – be it Hindu, Christian,
Muslim, Cross cultural Weddings, Arya Samaj weddings & destination weddings - we
ensure we make it one of a kind for you! Given the myriad types of weddings we
have pan India in terms of traditions and rituals, planning a wedding is a mind-
blowing job – one that Haritham Wedding Planner are passionate about.
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Décor is an element that can make a big difference in uplifting the mood and visual appeal of a wedding. We can make it as grand as you want. But also  believe that even a simple design can be made elegant and beautiful when executed perfectly with the right elements going into it. We love to take on the creative challenge it offers in making your dream a reality.


Photography & Videography: Long after the wedding is over what recreates those precious moments are the photographs and videos. Hence the quality / class of professionals engaged by you cannot be compromised. We associate ourselves with Internationally known / award winning professionals who bring alive your wedding through every click, giving you memories to cherish forever.

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Hospitality is all about making your guest experience the wedding in all its warmth  and entirety. And carrying back loving memories of every moment spent in our care. Every guest is made to feel special, wanted…and not just invited. We offer options to suit your budget in every aspect of hospitality, with a touch of our personal care – be it accommodation, food, transportation or special requirements.

Other Services

We offer end to end services that would make you wonder if you are a guest yourself. 

Right from planning a theme to organising the Wedding – be it Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Cross cultural Weddings, Arya Samaj weddings & destination weddings - we ensure we make it one of a kind for you! 

Given the myriad types of weddings we have pan India in terms of traditions and rituals planning a wedding is a mind blowing job – one that we are passionate about.

Private Parties

About Best Wedding Planners In Chennai

Wedding planning in modern times is extensive in terms of scope of services and challenging in terms of sourcing the right options suitable to varied budgets. In earlier days weddings were largely planned and put together by relatives and friends of the family who took it upon them to voluntarily organize all services. In modern days wedding planners have replaced them. Providing various kinds of event management services for a wedding by professionals is the order of the day. The type of services required by clients is handled on a case to case basis by the Best Wedding Planners in Chennai. The reason for this being the diverse cultures prevalent in India.


Birthday cake.jpg

Birthdays of any kind are landmark celebrations and special in some way.  Celebrations of the appropriate kind are planned by us with a creative touch that suits the occasion.  Thematic coordination at all levels right from the invites to the décor to the return gifts – why even food in the case of kids’ birthdays – can be brought together by us. In the case of  birthdays that involve religious/ traditional  rituals every aspect to the last detail is arranged for after detailed discussion with the client.


Anniversaries call for a lot of emotional and reminiscing moments. Hence we always plan in such a way that we  make it special for the guests and the hosts. We love to bring in a lot of surprise elements that makes the day not only memorable for the client but a satisfying experience for us too.

Valakaapu Decor.jpg
Other Events

Upanayanam, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Pre and post wedding celebrations, Send off parties, Baptism, Baby Shower celebrations – all offer great scope for planning and celebrations. Every event is customized as per client requirement and taste. We ensure every event is unique in some way with no repetition of any sort. Thanks to the amazingly different culture and traditions of India.

Engagement Venue

Once a wedding is fixed there is a frantic hunt for the right venue. An important service in terms of wedding planning is scouting for the right venue for any event related to the wedding or the wedding itself. With our experience we can guide the client depending on their requirements in terms of size of the hall, no of guests, area preferred, catering services etc


As Wedding Planners, the starting point of our creativity begins with the design of the invitations. Its not just about helping in choosing the right invite but also about creative content writing, presentation of the content to maximize the beauty of the wedding invitation and also to create the invite according the target audience. For example, most senior relatives would go by the traditional Pathrikkai while the younger lot would opt for unorthodox wordings Wedding planning is all about striking a balance between the two and keeping everyone happy.

Some clients like to send gift boxes along with the invitations in which case the design of the gift boxes is also be coordinated with the invite. On the other hand in case of a thematic wedding, as wedding planners we begin our work with coordinated thematic designs in the invites as well.


In general, as wedding planners we work -

To suit all budgets
We provide you with a wide array of choices in colors and designs to
choose from
Complete design, printing & couriering / posting of Invites in
coordination with client. E – Invites can also be designed.
Follow up calls also can be done to verify receipt of invites
Personal delivery of invites along with gifts can also be arranged.

Challenge Faced by Wedding Planners Chennai:

Weddings as such in India are celebrated on a big scale and there is a lot of fun, colors, celebrations, merriment, dance, music and drama spread over anywhere between a day and a week. There are multiple religions, communities, traditions and rituals that make each wedding special and unique. No two weddings can be alike in India. This increases the challenge faced by wedding planners. With increase in cross cultural weddings specific aspects from different cultures are adopted and brought together. As wedding planners, we have to be fully equipped not only in understanding various traditions but we must also excel as event planners in sourcing these requirements.

Fixing Auspicious Dates as part of Wedding Planning

At Haritham we begin our wedding planning services right from the time of the boy meeting the girl, as far as arranged marriages are concerned. Clients approach us for auspicious dates. We consult professional astrologers for auspicious dates giving the required details both for the engagement as well as the wedding. Our panel of astrologers are well respected and have known to be accurate in their calculation. Once the choice of dates is given to the client, we follow it up with them to finalize the date/s for both since clients prefer to announce the wedding date to their relatives on the engagement day. In case of love marriages our role as wedding planners gets extended a bit more – sometimes as a counsellor, at times as a mediator and sometimes even as a peace maker by settling issues rising due to varied traditions, amicably and bringing down all tensions. Invariably in most cases we start out as wedding planners and end up as being part of the family.we are proud to say that we are one of the Best Wedding Planners in Chennai

Return Gifts

One major challenge faced by us wedding planners is the sourcing of the right kind of return gifts for clients. This is one area where budget and need never meet. Clients often like to gift articles that are useful to the guests and long lasting.
While some clients request us to source gifts exclusively others normally give us a budget within which to manage. 
We take great efforts to source unique and artistic gifts by travelling to specific places to get samples. As wedding planners we also ensure that the wrapping of the gifts is also well done. Presentation of the gifts is also an important aspect of wedding planning.

Ticketing & Transportation

Both above-mentioned services are mind boggling. When the numbers are less bulk booking becomes easy. But to manage a huge crowd does challenge even experienced wedding planners. The logistics of transportation also requires several sittings with the client and proper planning. Timely pick up and drop services, arranging valet parking drivers, arranging for exclusive private drivers – all come under the purview of us, the wedding planners.



Hospitality is all about making your guest experience the wedding in all its warmth and entirety. And carrying back loving memories of every moment spent in our care. Every guest is made to feel special, wanted…and not just invited. We offer options to suit your budget in every aspect of hospitality, with a touch of our personal care – be it accommodation, food, transportation or special requirements. Providing Special Reception at alighting points, Service Apartments, Hotels, Guest Houses, Usherers/ Welcoming groups is all part of wedding planning services.


                 Music & Entertainment

As experienced wedding planners in Chennai, we bring you the best right from traditional Nadaswaram to Carol Artists to Qawwali groups, Carnatic & Light Music Concert Artistes, Fusion Artists / Groups, Band, Chendai Artists, Traditional Welcome Region wise, DJs, MCs, Traditional Dancers, Dandiya groups, Flash Mob Dancers, Oonjal Paatu Artistes, Pravachana Artists, Choreographers, PriestLectures From a sangeet/ Mehndi event to the main wedding we can get you professionalsartists either to perform or train your family and friends into performing with so much ease that it will be a fun filled experience.

                       Bridal Services

We would love to assist you right from picking your specially ordered Madisar from the Weavers at Kanchipuram ( in case of an Iyer or Iyengar wedding ) to getting your veil designed by the best of fashion designers or getting your one – of – a – kind Ghagra done by a specialized designer, Bridal Trousseau shopping & Packing, Mehndi & Tattoo Artists, Beauticians, Drapers for Madisar & other types of sarees, Dress Designers, Tailors, Jewelry Rental

Miscellaneous Services

Apart from the major service heads there are innumerable services that a wedding planner has to be ready to provide to the client. To make a wedding really special a client may opt for something that may not be part of their regular communitywedding. When the client has an idea it is up to us to get it done. It could be Vintage Cars /Chariot / Horse/ Elephant to welcome the groom, Palanquin to bring in the bride, Fire Cracker Professionals, Pop Corn Stalls, Chocolate Fountains, Ice Carving, Vegetable Carving, Caricature Artists, Bangle Sellers, KiliJosiyam, Magicians, Child Play Area, Specialized Chefs, Chaat Counters or Facilitating Wedding Registration


           Thamboolam Bags

Another important aspect of wedding planning is the proper distribution of thamboolam bags. This tradition of giving away Thamboolam Bags to guests during the Muhurtham and Wedding Reception is considered a very sensitive issue since it completes the hospitality obligation from the host’s side. Sometimes guests feel offended if they are not offered a thamboolam bag or if they are told that the bags have been exhausted. So, a good amount of planninggoes into with regards to the numbers required.We offer a wide choice for Thamboolam Bags in varied materials starting from paper, cloth, jute & silk and varying sizes. The type of bag recommended by us will also depend on the contents of the bag. Some clients add return gifts along with the thamboolam bags, making it imperative for the bags to be large enough to hold both thamboolam and return gifts. Thank you tags and notes are also customised to the client’s needs and added to these bags.

  • Are you looking for Best Wedding Planners in Chennai?
    Call now: +91 97909 80042 or +91 77080 67264 Get Top Rated Wedding Planner.
  • How to choose your Wedding Planner?
    Wedding Planning is an elaborate affair considering the types of weddings we have in India panning over all regions, religions, communities and languages. A wedding in the family is an exciting event for all since it involves putting together a number of elements to the satisfaction of all, to a fixed budget ( Read more... )
  • Are Haritam Wedding Planners Making a Difference?
    Wedding and event planning in the past was a pretty simple affair in terms of putting together the various aspects related to it – all you needed was to have finances ready on hand. For example just as you had a ‘Family Doctor’ there was an ‘Aasthaana Cook’, a ‘Family Vadyar’ [ Purohit ], a ‘Family Photographer’, a ‘Family Jeweller’ and other similar service providers. There were known to the family for decades and were treated more like family members. They, in turn, only needed information about an event and would promptly land up to take on their responsibilities and duties without much ado. ( Read More... )
  • Are Haritam wedding planners helping to decide on the theme of marriage?
    When clients approach us – Haritham Events – as wedding planners one of the basic questions we ask them is – are you going by a theme for the wedding? Many perceive that thematic weddings involve a huge cost factor and hence it is not possible to have one within a limited budget. This is completely wrong. A thematic wedding can be done within any given budget.
  • Which services are offered by Haritham Wedding Planners?
    Haritham Wedding Planners in Chennai, We offer end to end services that would make you wonder if you are a guest yourself at your family wedding. Catering Services Photography & Videography Décor Hospitality Birthdays party Anniversaries Engagement Venue Invitations Return Gifts Life Events Ticketing & Transportation Miscellaneous Services Thamboolam Bags Music & Entertainment Bridal Services
  • Types of wedding planners?
    There are three types of wedding planners. The first types gets about arranging services going by the budget given by the client and charges a professional fee for it. The second type gives you innumerable options over a wide budget and lets you choose, which invariably increases your budget. Then there is the third type of wedding planner who takes a personal interest in every project and puts his name and reputation ahead of money and goes all out to understand your needs and works creatively within your scheme of things.
  • How to look for wedding Venue?
    As one of the top wedding planners in Chennai we have had access to all types of wedding venues including Mandapams, Hotels, Resorts and even Palatial Houses. The range we have covered in terms of venues is varied in terms of size, architecture and facilities. The first aspect that every parent looks for after a wedding has been fixed is the venue. The venue of a wedding plays a pivotal role in many ways and the success of a wedding is to a large extent dependent on it.As wedding planners we have observed from experience that a few major points have to be borne in mind while finalizing the venue. For example a few factors may pre determine the choice of venue like status in society, security of guests in case of high profile guest lists, lack of relatives or friends to help in a particular town or city where the wedding has been planned to be held and so on. There are huge and premium venues where it goes without saying that high end weddings of VIPs will be held. But for the normal citizen a few of the following points may help in freezing on the right venue. ( Read More... )
  • Buffet at Weddings – To Opt or not to Opt?
    After extensive research, as wedding planners, we have realized that the option of a buffet is more often a blessing for the caterer and no one else. Buffet is an international concept borrowed and adapted to Indian settings and gained extreme popularity at weddings in the 90’s. Buffets are considered convenient to serve a large contingent of people say at a convention or business conference where constraints of space make this an easy option. ( Read more... )

​ THAT IS NOT ALL ....and again this is not exhaustive

  • Nadaswaram artists – Vridham, Engagement & Muhurtham

  • Kolam – All requirements on stage and at the Mandapam will be taken care of by us for every event.

  • Kuthu Vilakkus, Mana Palagai, Ammi kal, Homa Gundam

  • For Vridham & Naandhi – Vridham Appam, Kannadi, Paruppu Thenga

  • For Naandhi veshti, pancha patram and other required items required for Dhaanam

  • Angu mani Seer Items (This is basically grocery items placed in beautiful containers given by the Bride’s side for her to set up her home )

  • Pattu Pai with Names of the couple woven on it

  • Kaasi Yathirai samaam +Pacha Pudi ites + Paalum Pazhamum Items

  • Thattu Varisai to be placed on stage. This includes beautifully decorated trays filled with fruits, dry fruits & sweet meats that is traditionally displayed on stage during weddings

  • Vilayadal Saamaan – This is given by the groom’s sister to the bride and consists of small gifts like cosmetics, accessories and dresses.

  • Pal Thekkara Bakshanam to be provided for the groom on the morning of the Muhurtham

  • All arrangements for Grihapravesam will be taken care of by us on behalf of the Groom’s side

  • All arrangements for Nalangu

  •  Vaidheega Samaan - All items related to the performance of the wedding will be listed out in consultation with your family Purohit and provided for by us. We will have detailed discussion in person with them
    Thamboola Bags

  • We will decide after discussion with you on the type/ numbers / design of Thamboola bags that are to be printed

  • These bags will contain the traditional items like Coconut, Vethalai, Paaku, Kungumam, plus any other items that you wish to place inside
     Return Gifts

  • The type of gifts to be bought can be decided in consultation with you. In case you have a budget in mind we can bring in samples accordingly for your approval. Detailed discussion is required on this in case there are different scales in values allocated

        Trousseau Packing

  • Any kind of specialized packing can be done by us to display gift items to be gifted to the bride or the groom

  • All gifts received along with other belongings of both parties will be packed and delivered to you by us in cartons or any other way in which you require the packing to be done

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