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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

As one of the top wedding planners in Chennai we have had access to all types of wedding venues including Mandapams, Hotels, Resorts and even Palatial Houses. The range we have covered in terms of venues is varied in terms of size, architecture and facilities. The first aspect that every parent looks for after a wedding has been fixed is the venue. The venue of a wedding plays a pivotal role in many ways and the success of a wedding is to a large extent dependent on it.

As wedding planners we have observed from experience that a few major points have to be borne in mind while finalizing the venue. For example a few factors may pre determine the choice of venue like status in society, security of guests in case of high profile guest lists, lack of relatives or friends to help in a particular town or city where the wedding has been planned to be held and so on. There are huge and premium venues where it goes without saying that high end weddings of VIPs will be held. But for the normal citizen a few of the following points may help in freezing on the right venue.

Your Budget *********** A major chunk of the expenditure in a wedding goes towards the venue cost. So have a clear plan on the amount you are willing to allocate for the venue. There is no point in getting carried away and booking the best of venues only to find out later on that your budget constraints is making things difficult when you have to dole out money for other important services like wedding photography or outfits that you require.

Area of Venue ************ Some areas may be preferred on account of proximity to the bride’s or groom’s house because transportation is then taken care of and executed very easily. Indian weddings are elaborate with a lot of importance to a small details. If the venue is not within comfortable reach or requires long travel then it can be time consuming and cumbersome including transportation of guests and relatives. As experienced wedding photographers in Chennai we have oft faced the situation of one very important member of the family being left behind at home and proceedings getting delayed due to their non-arrival.

Expected Guest List **************************   Major point that determines the suitability of a venue is the number on your guest list. Make an elaborate list of guests to be invited on both sides and debate with your family members to arrive at a number that is practical and manageable given your budget. If budget is not a constraint then go ahead and book a venue that will ideally fit in your crowd. But in case the dates you are looking at are already blocked or the first choice of venue for you is ruled out you can also consider the option of inviting your guests in a split up manner. You can call close relatives for the wedding and friends for the Muhurtham. As event planners one thing we dread is to see an over packed venue with a long queue of people waiting to greet the couple. This irritates the guests and the hosts resulting in confusion

Weather Conditions ************************ Factors determining weather conditions like season of wedding – summer or winter – have to be taken into account while fixing a venue. If the place or city of wedding is a very hot and humid place then an air conditioned venue could be the most sensible option. If the weather is cold then it may not be required. Likewise if you are planning an out door wedding like a reception at the beach side or out on the lawns always keep in mind to check the weather conditions at the time of the wedding. Even if it is not a rainy season it is always wise to have an alternate option to cater to last minute shift in arrangements – like an alternative indoor hall where the reception arrangements can be shifted in a jiffy.

Also ensure that the dining area is also equally well maintained and organised. At times we come across total mismatch of the dining area with the main hall in terms of seating capacity. This results in guests having to wait for a long time to wait their turn to eat and at times we have seen guests leaving by skipping lunch or dinner. As Event Mangers we have had to use all our skills to convince them to get back and have dinner. These are tricky situations we face when our clients come to us after fixing the venue not realizing the pros and cons of the venue

Check for levels ********************* In case the guest list is moderate then any amount of management can be done even if one has to face up to small crisis. What is important to consider under this head is the various levels of service areas in the wedding venue. In case of most wedding halls the main hall and the dining area could be on different floors, leading to constant movement of people from one level to the other. In such cases the lift system has to be at its best. If it fails then it could put a lot of people to bother especially the elderly and the physically challenged people. It is worse still if the service area levels extend up to higher floors. This happens especially where the rooms are concerned.

Provision for Rooms ************************** Another aspect of concern is the number of rooms available at the wedding premises to accommodate close family and other relatives. The facilities in these room,s are also worth paying attention to. If these rooms are hardly usable then you may have to accommodate guests arriving from out of town in nearby hotels or service apartments which could again create a hole in your budget. So carefully consider these points before deciding finally.

Stage Area *************** The most important factor  is the stage area where the actual wedding is to take place. Going by the kind of elaborate rituals followed in Indian weddings a comparatively big stage is required to accommodate the priests, things required, requisite decor plus the hordes of relatives who will be present there. Good coverage of wedding photography & videography requires ample space for movement. And to have good back ground decor done space and dimensions form an important part.

Car Parking *************** Ensure there is enough space for the cars that you expect to arrive. Any clogging in this area could create unpleasant experiences to the guests which is not a very nice thing to happen. If VIPs are a part of guest list then this point needs all the attention.

Destination Weddings ***************************** In case the wedding is to be performed at a particular temple ensure you have good accommodation near the temple. It is better to check out for changing rooms and other required facilities in the temple premises for any emergencies.

It goes without saying that wedding venues can make or mar a wedding. From our experiences as wedding planners what matters is clear thinking and immaculate planning right from the beginning to make your wedding moments

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