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WEDDING PLANNING: Attention to making Guests feel welcome and comfortable

Wedding Planning is all about detailed planning and perfect execution When it comes to hospitality the wedding planner as a representative of the client has to work towards creating the perfect atmosphere for the guests during the wedding or event. More so in case a majority of guests are arriving from cities / countries outside of the wedding venue.

At times the client – who is also the host – themselves will be from a city outside of the wedding venue and will not be too familiar with the topography or ways of the place where the wedding is to take place place. The client is then largely dependent on the efficiency of the wedding planner or wedding caterer in making the arrangement. Most wedding caterers are wedding planners too and it becomes easy for the client to have a single point of contact for all services.

It is important to discuss with the client on the guests list along with arrival and departure schedules. Based on this next comes booking of rooms. It is necessary to block venues for stay / hotels closer to the venue so as not to stress the guests in finding their way to the venue in a new city. Booking of rooms has to be planned well. So bookings have to be made in advance.

When a stay for senior citizens is being arranged it is essential to check on easy movement for them in terms of accessing lifts and floors comfortably. Information from the client regarding requirement for wheelchairs is mandatory

Food choices also need to be checked – some may have Vegan preferences or food allergies. So it is necessary to appoint extra staff to personally check on such needs and ensure they are taken care of. The wedding caterer / wedding planner also has to check if any elderly guest will require additional help in terms of movement within the venue or the restrooms.

At Haritham when we handle international weddings with a lot of foreign guests flying in, we have a Doctor on standby who can drop in for any health issues or emergencies.

Assistance may also be sought by the guests for last minute purchases with transportation. So, the wedding caterer/ wedding planner needs to identify shopping options closer to the venue for this purpose. One must also ensure that they are taken to the right shopping places so as not to get cheated on quality and rates.

Some guests would like to spend a few hours in sightseeing – to visit their favourite places or those of spiritual or historic interest. In that case good transportation arrangements need to be in place along with a guide who can oversee their safe return to the wedding venue. These are minute details that will go a long way in making the guests' stay pleasant and memorable.

Those not familiar with the wedding traditions of the host may need to be educated on the relevance of Indian traditions and customs. The wedding planner has to make it interesting for the guests by arranging for some genuinely knowledgeable person enlightening them on the happenings. Similarly, guests not familiar with the local cuisine will definitely need to be educated on the meals served for them by the wedding caterer.

The wedding Planner / wedding caterer must make sure that the appointed staff are presentable, patient and courteous when managing the guests with varied tastes and requests. There is no place for complacency and comfort of guests should be deemed supreme. Likewise in every area of service great care should be taken to keep the guests comfortable.

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