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1. What type of Events do you cater to? 

As wedding caterers & wedding planners we work on any type of project that we are comfortable with.
We undertake :
All community Weddings
Cross Cultural weddings
Thematic Weddings
Destination Weddings
Beach Weddings
Temple Weddings
Baby Shower
All Landmark Birthdays
Life events 
Haldi Function
Pre & Post Wedding get together
Retirement Functions
Surprise Parties


2. What is the number of people you can cater up to? 

As wedding caterers we can cater up to any number of people, but we look at a minimum number of 30 members. This is in mainly for reasons of feasibility, cost factor & logistics.  

3. Do you serve all types of cuisine? 

Yes we can undertake to prepare any type of cuisine – community or region wise. For us as marriage caterers, anything Vegetarian can be made to order. We DO NOT undertake orders anything that is not vegetarian

4. Do we have to go by the Menu in your website? 

Every wedding caterer will have a standard set of menu to present before the client. The menu given in our website is only a guideline and consists of what a typical wedding menu would be like, spread over event days

We can Mix and match and customise the event / wedding menu to your liking and tradition.

We are open to making and serving new dishes / cuisine, since we have the expertise to constantly innovate to bring out the best for you

5. Do you offer all other services related to an event? 


Any and every aspect of an event can be organised by us from -  invitations |Décor | Wedding catering | | Photography  & Videography |  DJ | Bridal Make Up artistes | Mehndi Artistes |Thamboolam Bags | Return Gifts | Entertainment | Nadaswaram | Dol artists | Hospitality| Transportation | Accommodation  | Seer Bakshanams | Purohit | Vaidheega Samaan | Choreographers | Movers and Packers. 

6. Can you work to all budgets? 

Our strength as wedding caterers & wedding planners, lies in providing you with the best options within your budget. We also guide you on areas where a reduction can be affected or a raise in budget may be the requirement.

7. Do we have to come to you for the full package of services or can we opt for part services like for example decor, music & photography? 

As wedding planners, we can undertake to organise a few services too. It depends on a case to case basis

8. Can you customise all aspects to our choice? 

We present you with options after understanding your requirements with detailed discussions. At every point on the run up to the wedding we take your consent on every service and only then move forward. We can work to theme - based or idea - based events and coordinate all elements to match it. Your wish is our command. 

9. Which areas do you cater to? 

We undertake to do projects / events anywhere in India and abroad. As wedding planners this is the biggest challenge for us. The terms and conditions would of course differ depending on the venue /city / country and the corresponding requirements. 

10. Once an event is fixed how many days ahead do we need to connect with you? 

We function on a first come first serve basis. So once you decide to go with us as event planners / wedding planners / wedding caterers, we would recommend you to block our dates in advance. We do not take more than one project on any given date

There are instances where we fix the auspicious wedding dates (after consulting our expert astrologers) and the wedding venue for the client in which case we are there with you at the inception stage itself. 

We can put together an event at very short notice too – as in even at a week’s notice 

11. What are your charges? 

As far as wedding catering is concerned it is based purely based on the menu and other related factors like no of guests and number of sections to a wedding, type of menu chosen, leaf service or buffet option etc .

As for allied services we do not believe in having hidden costs and merely charge a Professional fee that is based fully on the kind of effort, time and energy to be spent by us in managing your event. Hence charges are flexible.   


12. Are there any other services that you offer ?

We can organise any specific requirement of the client including:
Baraat Arrangements
Aarathi Plates in multiple numbers

Chendai Melam 
Artistes for Oonjal Song
Kolattam by dancers during oonjal
Pravachana Artistes
Stand up Comedians

Gift Registry 
Live Webcast 

Luxury Cars
Honey Moon Packages
Fire Crackers with permission 

Cold Pyro Crackers
Magic Show
Special entry for Bride & Groom
Designer Wedding Cakes 

Give your requirements and it will be done 

13. What type of Seer Bakshanams do you prepare? 

Like food, seer bakshanams are a very important and sensitive aspect of every South Indian Wedding. The taste of these decide the success rate of a wedding. Such is the level of expectations of guests from both sides where wedding sweets and savouries are concerned. 


After every wedding we get repeat orders for our Seer Bakshanams from the client. Such is the quality and taste of our preparations. 

We use only specially outsourced Grade 1 raw materials and do not compromise on quality even if the client's budget does not permit the cost incurred 


Requests to make sweets and savouries from millets and other healthy substitutes like brown sugar, karupatti & jaggery are also catered to by us


We do attractive customised individual packs as well as bulk packing for ease of transporting


General Items include:

Mysore Pak




Big Mullu Then Kuzhal

Plain Then Kuzhal


Maa Laadoo

Rava Ladoo


Kara Sev

Butter Murukku

Dry Fruit Ladoo

Coconut Burfi 

Karupatti Mysorepak


Thirattu Paal

Viratha Appam


Paruppu Thengai Koodu


Boondhi Ladoo

Mysore Pak

Medly of toffees


Coconut Burfi

Dry Fruit

Aasirvaadha Koodu


All regional specialities are made to order on request 


14. Vaidheega Services / Ritual Services - What exactly do you offer? 


Depending on the client's wedding traditions we arrange for knowledgeable purohits to conduct the wedding 


We undertake complete responsibility for arrangement of all ritual aids / vaidheega items required for the rituals


This includes arrangements for different kinds of lamps (Kuththu Vilakku, Kamakshi Vilakku, Kilai Vilakku, Agal Vilakku), Paanai set, Oonjal, Kasi Yaathirai set, Pattu Pai with names woven on it, different types of stools, asanas, Pandhakkal & Arasanikaal arrangements. 


We also ensure all arrangements for cooked items required during the rituals are done - pongal padayal, pacha pidi for oonjal, paalum pazhamum, etc 

We have a detailed discussion with the client regarding the list required and have it ready on time 


15. How do we get a reference about your work ? 


You are free to check our Google Reviews to get an idea on the kind of work we do. Testimonials there by our clients will help you understand our class of services.


We will be happy to connect you directly to our past clients ( after requesting their permission)  for an interactive chat where you can clear all your doubts and obtain clarity on anything you need 


We also invite our prospective clients to have a taste of our catering either by partaking in our events, if any in the near by calendar or send them food for tasting to their homes if they do not want to visit our event site. 

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