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What does it to take to be amongst the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

A lot of creativity, imagination, market awareness, sensible planning, right attitude to work  and ability to provide complete customer satisfaction. At Haritham Events we get involved in every assignment – big or small – with a lot of passion and involvement.

A lot of creativity, imagination, market awareness, sensible planning, right attitude to work  and ability to provide complete customer satisfaction. At Haritham Events we get involved in every assignment – big or small – with a lot of passion and involvement.

The prime aspect of a wedding planner is to give the best of options within a budget – the client’s budget. So Wedding Planners takes a lot of intelligent planning based on an enormous amount of knowledge accumulated .The repository of information available with a wedding planner has to be huge. It is of no use if the information available is not current, That is to say that Wedding Planner data base should be an updated one. Reason being that the  available budget on hand may not be an ideal one when compared to the expectations of the client. What separates the ordinary from the top 10 Wedding Planners in Chennai is the ability to meet or even exceed the client’s expectations within the given budget.

Imagination is the key to good Wedding Planners. Because an imaginative mind gives way to creativity which is the foundation for being unique and different. Bringing in the element of freshness is very important for wedding planners since in the long run that is what makes us stand out. A stale mind can never give way to new concepts. The wedding planners challenge of creating something new each time is mind boggling and difficult. But not impossible.

What we do at Haritham is to get a broad overview of the clients requirements at first glance. Then through continuous interactions wedding planners try to delve into their specific interests and important likes and dislikes. Based on this wedding planners try to create new options which makes the event unique. Having the client’s personal touch to the event is extremely important. So a wedding planners good amount of understanding of the client’s needs and taking it off from there is the crux of the matter.

The wedding planners right attitude to work along with complete involvement and enthusiasm are very important in getting to reach the top as one amongst the Top ten Best Wedding Planners in Chennai.  At Haritham Events we are excited about every project as if it was our first one. Wedding planners attitude to work is not just to give it out best but to ensure to make an everlasting impression on the client so much so that they ONLY think of us with reference to all their events and in recommending us to others. Every wedding planners assignment should be seen as not just a wedding planners job that gives an opportunity to earn but as an opportunity to explore new options and learn something new that helps us progress better in our wedding planners profession.

Wedding Planners in Chennai:

Event management is not just the process of setting things in place but to operate  smart and service the client in a manner that provides better value for money. For example even if an event is grandiose with a huge budget, there are aspects that need extra attention to make it successful. More often than not it is at the big budget events that things can easily go wrong. At Wedding planners Hospitality is a point requiring great attention as the event gets bigger. In wedding planners As the guest list gets longer one must doubly make sure that each person is taken care of and provided for in the  best possible manner it well be done by wedding planners. Again large numbers can spell mayhem and even small aspects can be blown up into mega faults. So meticulous wedding planning is required to make sure that not even a tiny detail is lost and everything runs smoothly as per clients requirements.  A tiny slip can be a cause of irreparable damage in wedding planners. On the brighter side a well executed event can earn a great name in wedding planners which helps you gain weight-age more  through word of mouth than any other source.

Another characteristic found amongst the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai is their ability to accept challenges. Never say die attitude helps in making us stand apart from the ordinary. wedding planners receptive mind with complete focus about the job on hand helps us source even the most difficult of items from its source. Great networking skills help wedding planners in connecting with the vendors across the country and identify talented artisans and workmanship and bring them to the fore.Providing the client with a lot more that what he expects is the trademark of a great wedding planner.

At Haritham Events – – we also make an effort to do our bit to the environment. A Sense of Social responsibility needs to be there in us as wedding event managers. Weddings are events where a huge amount of resources are used in terms of disposable and non – disposable elements. A good amount of wedding planning is required to ensure that there is no damage done to the environment and all efforts must be made to minimize wastage in any aspect. wedding planners always encourage use of eco friendly products and never hesitate to promote and convince our clients on the importance of doing away with plastics or anything that is not in the larger interests of society.

The hallmark of the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai is their ability to plan and manage any type of event with a touch of class. Big or small wedding planners need to be endowed with a lot of patience. Being a service industry expectations are always high. There is unending questioning on the modus operandi used at every stage and hence it is imperative to have wedding planners great communication skills. At Haritham Events – – we consult the client at every stage and take them into complete confidence about our approach to the event. Complete transparency is maintained at every stage since Wedding Planners never believe in behind the scenes dealing. Wedding planners respect the fact that we are spending the client’s resources and work by our conscience as if it were our own.

Think Wedding .. Think Haritham . We make a difference in every step.

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