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Wedding Planners : Boon to Clients

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Every wedding is different and unique filled with memorable experiences. And not so happy memories too. Recently one of our clients shared her wedding experience which although was a little sad to hear showed how simply the weddings were conducted a few decades ago. The manner in which weddings are conducted these days is completely different than weddings conducted in the past - Not in the sense of rituals or traditions but more in terms of facilities and arrangements done. In earlier days each wedding was conducted mostly in ancestral home with the entire neighborhood or even villages pitching in to help the families in wedding catering. wedding decoration, hosting the groom's side, sharing responsibilities and working hand in hand with the bride's family.   

The groom's family were treated like God and hospitality arrangements were often demanded to be of top quality by the groom's side. Whatever they - any member of the groom's side even if it was a distant relative -  demanded had to be executed with no delay. Else the bride's side would have to face the wrath of the groom's parents. This is exactly what happened  during our client's wedding. Her grandparents did the kanyadhaan and at the time of tying the thirumangalyam, someone from the groom's side demanded ' Molaga podi ' ( Chilly chutney powder ) for the morning breakfast. Since it was in short supply the bride's parents went running around to immediately prepare the Molaga podi and satisfy the guests.  By the time they had prepared and served it the wedding muhurtham had gotten over. No one even realized that the bride's parents were missing. Thus the parents of the bride never got to see their daughter's mangalyadharanam. 

A great change has come about in the attitude of people now. Now a days not only do the bride and groom's side get along like good friends but also partake in responsibilities and expenses too. There is a good rapport between the families with the disappearance of the fear element which paves the way for a happy and hassle free wedding. Both sides have a clear understanding that they are equals and there is no tension or irresponsible behaviour. Of course there is always the odd relative trying to throw his / her weight around. But by and large weddings these days are tension free. 

With the advent of Event managers and wedding planners all arrangements are taken care of leaving the client time to enjoy the joyous occasion. As one of the best wedding planners in Chennai we have all our clients coming back to us with great feed back post the event on how relieved they were to have us - Wedding planners - handling the event for them.  

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