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Thematic Weddings

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

As Wedding Event Planners a very common request that is placed in front of us is – make our wedding special! Every Couple wants something to be outstanding and unique about their wedding. Indian Weddings are by all normal means very colourful and dramatic affairs. To rise above this and make it extra ordinary calls for a different thought process.

When clients approach us – Haritham Events – as wedding planners one of the basic questions we ask them is – are you going by a theme for the wedding? Many perceive that thematic weddings involve a huge cost factor and hence it is not possible to have one within a limited budget. This is completely wrong. A thematic wedding can be done within any given budget.

Theme can relate to anything. A colour can be taken up and the entire event from the invite to the stage / hall decor can be fine tuned to match the specific colour/s and set accordingly. As wedding event planners we at Haritham Events are amazed at the kind of concepts our clients come up with. It is a fabulous challenge that we love to accept and execute since it gives vent to all our creativity and imagination.

You could match your cake or even the table decor to match your theme. And if it is a church wedding then the Bridesmaids could also wear outfits that go along with the theme. The possibilities are endless.

Going Eco – friendly can be a theme with hand made paper invitations coordinated with all natural elements brought in to the decor of the Mandapam – like choir, bamboo, wood, murals etc. You can even take it forward to the dining area with "mutkas" and mud pots used in place of the regular utensils to serve the guests.

Going with a floral theme allows you plenty of options to work on but of course this is quite common. You could opt for just roses.

For grandeur people like to opt for Royalty as the theme. Grandiose sets like palace are set as the back drop and even the seating arrangements can be matched up to it with the divan type seating arrangements. Sky is the limit if you ask a good wedding event planner for suggestions. Because every element of the wedding can be coordinated to be a part of the theme chosen.

Those with a limited budget can think of co-coordinating the obvious or visual elements to create a theme. For example if your wedding invite has a Ganesha or a peacock or a lotus as its mainstay you can incorporate the same design as part of your entire decor of the wedding. The same element can be a part of your Thamboola bags, Your return gifts, Your Thank you cards, why, even your outfits!

It is all a matter of perception and the will to boldly experiment. As Wedding Event Planners we’ve also suggested Vintage weddings where everything from the car in which you arrive to the furniture at the venue can be matched to suit the theme. If you have a fun loving and receptive family you can even dictate a dress code for the guests asking them to come in vintage fair. This of course is possible only with a close family guest count of about 50 or 100 invitees.

Apart from these you could look at a beach wedding or a resort wedding depending on how adventurous you want to get on your BIG day. If you are game for it then we at Haritham Events can offer amazing options. If you cant plan an entire wedding then perhaps a section of the wedding can be planned based on a theme.

Two weddings can never be the same – more so with themed weddings. A lot of curiosity and expectations are there and people really look forward to being a part of it. And without a doubt involves a lot of hard work and meticulous planning.

The ratio of difficulty in planning is directly proportional to the uniqueness of the theme. That is when you look for wedding event planners like Haritham Events who let you sail through the entire event without a hitch. The thought of creating something different is always a challenge we look forward to. We leave no stone unturned in making your big day special. We do it and do it in style for you.

Indian Weddings are based more on age old traditions and rituals that need to be respected and can’t be made fun of. Hence most of the time our choice of the main wedding is restricted to coordinated colour themes or floral ones.

In most other countries where the wedding as such is short in terms of duration people are generally bold enough to experiment post the rituals. This idea is slowly catching up here and we are having people coming up with pre or post wedding parties that give scope to such experimentation.

The involvement of a wedding event planner like Haritham Events makes it that much easier for you – even in terms of narrowing down on a theme – because we are into this business day in and day out. So we stay connected with the right people and can easily make options available to you in a jiffy.

Thematic weddings are here to stay and in the coming years we are going to see the Indian wedding industry being turned into a huge global market as people are beginning to slowly opt for destination weddings as well.

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