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Postponed Weddings Causing Financial & Emotional Stress ?

Postponed Weddings Causing Financial & Emotional Stress ? Do not Despair. Haritham can handle it for you.

Its every parents' dream to have a dream wedding for their child within their budget and endless planning and a lifetime of savings goes into it. Expectations are huge and hopes pinned on the successful conduct of the wedding.

The wedding industry has had to bear the brunt of the recent pandemic as well. Any sudden alterations in plans in our daily life leaves us upset and disturbed. When one has to call off / postpone something as big as a wedding, we can well imagine the consequences. The recent development has upset the apple cart for many.

Financial stress apart, it takes a huge toll emotionally and physically especially when the decision to postpone comes pretty close to the D Day. Paucity of time to recall and think anew on the arrangements to be made, readjusting travel plans that are in complete disarray, looking into money advanced - this could well be a draining / tiring experience.

If you have gone through a wedding planner then there wont be much of an issue since professionals are there to handle most of the emergency situations including helping you in informing the invitees/ guests with updates.

But if you have handled everything on your own then it is without a doubt a testing period. Prevailing confusion could leave you clueless on what to do next

As one of the top rated wedding planners in Chennai, we have had to postpone quite a few weddings on behalf of our clients. But we are fervently working on providing them with alternate dates/ venue/ plan of action.

For those of you who are worried about the financial burden of going through all the process once again do not despair. As Event Managers & wedding planners we are here to plan and manage your special event for you with no glitches.

Beautifully designed e - invites can replace the customary printed ones saving you the financial and physical effort that goes into it. After all with everyone on WhatsApp and e mail it definitely is a more convenient option.

Most wedding venues offer to accommodate the cancelled weddings to another auspicious date without any waiver on the money that is already paid in full. We help you sort out all related issues.

Wedding Decor Where wedding decor is concerned we have plentiful options to offer to save a considerable amount planned under this head.All it requires is a little imagination and if planned well we could even give you a thematic wedding incorporating the e invite theme sensibly.

Other floral requirements related to decor like garlands can be planned in such a way as to avoid wastage. A good set of wedding designer garlands cost anywhere between INR 5000 to 6000. We could plan the events in such a way that this expenditure is curtailed to the minimum, without its absence felt.

It is ways the quality of food that matters and not the length of the menu. The pandemic has taught us well to safeguard nature and its resources. We could give you a wholesome menu without being pompous concentrating on regional specialities. As wedding caterers we can ensure that the guests have a holistic dining experience combining excellent food and great hospitality. When the dining experience is good half the battle is won.

Expenses on other services required for the wedding can be reduced and there is o need to despair. One set of nadaswaram artists can be appointed instead of two.

Simple paper/ cloth bags can replace expensive jute bags.

Seer varisai plates and Seer Bakshanams can be sensibly planned to avoid unwanted wastage and expense.

Likewise in every aspect of the wedding small changes can be made to effectively prove that Little drops make the Mighty Ocean.

As wedding planners we know where spending can be effectively subdued without any obvious signs. Simple can definitely be elegant. We know how to make your event memorable without the frills of grandiose and at the end of the day it is the happy memories that are going to last forever.

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