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As Wedding Planners, a quite common request that is placed in front of us is

...make our wedding special

Theme can be anything beginning with:
  • Specially designed wedding logo

  • One or more colours

  • A particular design or concept like Lotus, Peacock, Ganesha

  • Flowers of a colour / type

  • Incorporating elements of one’s profession – as in beach side weddings or wedding on a ship for a Marine engineer

As wedding planners we are amazed at the kind of concepts our clients come up with. It is a fabulous challenge that we love to accept and execute since it gives vent to all our creativity and imagination.
Aspects of a wedding which can be included in theme weddings: 
  • Wedding Invitation
    - e invites
    - formal invites

  • Wedding Décor
    - stage backdrop
    - hall décor
    - dining area

  • Return Gifts
    - customised gifts with the design or colour
    - customised packing

  • Thamboolam Bags
    - colours matched and designs replicated on bags
    - thank you cards matched to it

  • Wedding Cake
    - colour / design
    - table linen
    - take away goody boxes

  • Website & Wedding Gift Registry
    - layout / colour / design / logo

  • Logos on Cars
    - stickers on cars used for transportation
    - placards to pick up guests

Going Eco Friendly as a Theme - Going Eco - friendly can be a theme by itself with a host of options to be used in various services like

  • Handmade paper for Invites

  • Natural elements like Coir, bamboo, Wood , Leaves , Murals to be used for decor purposes

  • Mutkas to serve beverages & water.

  • Mud pots for curd and sweet dishes

  • Recycled paper tissues

  • Thamboolam bags made of recycled paper

  • Handwoven products as return gifts

  • Palm leaf and coir products for thamboolam bags

  • Millet based Recipes

  • Menu to include herbs & veggies in salad form

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