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Bridal Make up : Indian Weddings

Updated: Sep 14, 2019


To have make up done or not to have it and leave everything the natural way? This was a big decision to be taken about 50 years ago when the natural look was seen as the best way to look. Things are totally different now. It is now a decision purely about choosing the type of beautician you want.

As the D Day approaches every bride is anxious about looking her BEST. Even those who don’t opt for cosmetics in day to day life go ahead and book a beautician the moment the wedding is fixed. I should look great in the photographs – that’s the single thought running through a bride’s mind. As Wedding Planners one of the foremost questions we are asked by the bride is – Do you have great beauty specialists on your rolls?

But then the thought process stops with that. Most people seem to think that the beautician has a magic wand and can transform the bride into a princess with a few creams and the stroke of brushes. Sadly that is not so.

Over the recent years the art of Bridal Make up has evolved so much that it is now an elaborate process. It has gone now to the extent of even the grooms opting for beauticians and visiting salons on the wedding day – something unheard of 20 years ago. This is not just due to the array of choices available in terms of brands of cosmetics and styles but also the complication in skin textures due to pollution and inappropriate eating habits.

Top wedding planners Chennai – to be or not to be series – about makeup

As wedding planners when clients approach us to suggest good beauticians to them, we run them through a number of questions to understand their requirement and only then suggest good professionals to them. One main point to understand about bridal beauty makeup is that the transformation cannot happen over night. If you are endowed with a great complexion naturally then you have no issues.

But if you have neglected your skin routine due to work pressure or due to other stress factors then your beauty regime should start a good three months ahead. Or from the say the date of your wedding has been fixed. A good, healthy diet and exercise regime too has to go hand in hand with your beauty treatments to give you the best results.

As Wedding planners we understand photography, lighting, the length of rituals and the mayhem surrounding the elaborate Indian Weddings. So we are in a better position to help you out with the best of advice as far as beauty tips are concerned. We will come up with a  series of tips for brides for all seasons.

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