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Why do you need Haritham Events as your wedding planner? PART - 2

Wedding Planners Haritham will be the Single Point of Contact for you

Weddings in India are long drawn affairs requiring interaction with a variety of

vendors right from invitations, Courier, wedding venue management, Decorators,

Caterers, Photographers & videographers, electricians, florists, music artist,

purohits, other suppliers etc. It is not easy to handle everyone at the same time

and feel at peace. It brings a lot of stress and pressure on the clients.

As wedding planners, we already have the right set of vendors for each service

tried and tested under us. All we must do is understand the client’s requirements

and convey the same to the vendors and get it executed.

Imagine if the client had to deal with each of them individually by taking calls or

meeting in person ! they are sure to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of idea

sharing that happens.


Weddings worked well without event managers or wedding planners a few decades

ago only because there wee plenty of relatives and friends to lend a hand and get

things in place. With paucity of time in modern times and distances to be

considered it becomes too stressful for the client to take up the full responsibility

and follow up every detail. With a wedding planner we will be your single point of

contact and everything is solved with just a phone.

Wedding planners can throw endless options at you

Looking at variants in each service has become easy with the internet these days.

For example if you want to look up at photographers for a wedding there are

numerous options open to a client. But each option has to be checked out in terms

of credibility, timely deliverance, commercial aspects etc. This is again time

consuming since constant follow ups is required. If at the end of the exercise the

commercials don’t work then one has to start the process of scouting all over


With a wedding planner like Haritham in place none of this is required. We as

wedding planners take your budget into consideration and present the right options

for you. In case you are not happy we bring in the next set of options. Where there

is a clash of opinion in the family of the client we try to bring a consensus by

working on the relevant points and bring it to a conclusion, saving precious time

which can be utilised otherwise

Wedding Planners can bring in Integrated services

At Haritham certain services like catering, photography, and decor are done

in-house. We also have a set of well learned Purohits as part of our team. We have

our own set of professionals operating each of these services with world class

results. This being the case when a client approaches us for wedding planning we

are instantly able to reach out to them with options of all major services which

makes it easier for them to plan.

References of past performances are given which works as ready reckoner for them

to decide instantly. For example, when the client wants to be doubly sure of

something like catering they have the option of tasting our food at an event prior

to deciding. So this makes them doubly sure of their choice. So this is an added


Your Time and Energy Conserved when wedding planners take charge 

Surveys indicate that you save up to 100 days of man hours when a wedding

planner takes charge of organising a Wedding in your household. The scenario is

worse in case the wedding has to be put together in a very short spa of time. In

which case the limited time has to be split among the various activities

accompanying a wedding.  In India weddings are elaborate affairs however simple

you try to make it. There are loads of relatives, traditions, rituals to be taken care

of that a sense of panic and frustration could bog you down in no time.

When we as wedding planners’ step in we take over all your stress and only

decision making becomes your responsibility. Even that is made easy by the choice

we bring before you because we offer you only the best.

You don’t have run behind different vendors, compare rates, negotiate and then

follow up on advance and  payments, keep in touch about timings of wedding

events, Check on them for deliverables and then remind them about what may

have been forgotten and look into so many more things.

When you come to us Haritham, all you do is give your requirements and then sit

back and relax.

You are Stress Free

When a wedding is fixed the client has often no clue on what needs to be done or

where to start with. Although everyone attends weddings and in general is familiar

with all procedures, still there Is some bit of confusion when you need to start

from scratch.

And there is no dearth of choice when it comes to invitations, décor, catering,

thamboolam bags and the rest that one is overwhelmed with choices not knowing

where to begin. In such a scenario the stress levels automatically increase. More so

if the wedding is to be held within the next few weeks or months.

A wedding planner is like a boon at such times. Its like ordering for the menu you

like at a hotel and waiting to be served.  With a wedding planner on hand you can

be absolutely stress free and enjoy doing the rest of the wedding related work.

Wedding Planners provide Optimum Value for Money Spent

When client looks for vendors for various services related to a wedding, they have

no clue on who is genuine or how to negotiate with the result that most of the

time they are likely to pay more or get cheated. When the same is done by a

wedding planner there is no chance of money being wasted and value for money is


Wedding planners always look to give Surprise Elements

As Wedding planners, we endeavour to make each wedding unique and special. We look at our profession with a lot of passion and not just as a profession. So although we discuss all details with you we always keep something special on hand for you.

Out of the box thinking

Imagine a client has about 6 months to put together a wedding. The initial venue

hunting will take a while. Then the choice of invites and their distribution and

making  travel and stay arrangements for the guests will consume a lot of time

making them exhausted. In the midst of hectic wedding arrangements, a client

may not have a lot of time to think of new or unusual way of presenting things.

Whereas as a wedding planner we are constantly looking to innovate and hence

looking for new idea and creative things to plan and execute.

We take ‘Yours ‘as  ”OURS”. Need we say more about our involvement!

No stone is left unturned to give you the BEST!

So, Think Events, Think Haritham!

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