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Why do you need Haritham Events as your wedding planner? PART - 1

Event Management is all about effectively managing the two ‘M’s – Money Power & Manpower.

We combine it with another ‘M’ – Our Mind Power. Which in turn gives you the fourth ‘M’ – mind blowing Memories.

Haritham offers you end to end services in terms of wedding planning right from customising your invites to your wedding registration

At Haritham We believe in deep thinking and extensive planning.

We customise all wedding / event management services to your budget and provide options accordingly.

Every aspect of the wedding will have a stamp of creativity or unique aspect to it.

And We are there for the following reasons too:

Ø As wedding Planners we know that two heads are always better than one

Wedding planning is all about making the wedding special within a budget that you have in mind. It is all about getting creative ideas and implementing them. But care also needs to be taken to see if the ideas are practically workable or possible to implement. It is here that we as wedding planners step in. We discuss all your ideas with you and help you decide on what is doable and thus getting the best outputs for you. The more we discuss the more clarity we all get. We are able to understand your requirements and present options accordingly.

In wedding planning nothing falls into the budget right away. There is always a gap between what is your dream and what falls within your budget. On your own you may not have the time or the focus to look for the required services in the right direction. As wedding planners, we help you decide on what is required to make your wedding grand and unique. So, two heads are always better than one.

Ø As Wedding planners, we are experienced

As one of the top wedding planners in Chennai we have experience behind us, having managed weddings from all communities and religions. Moreover, as event managers we have travelled across the the country and abroad and hence have the knowledge for correct sourcing and procurement. Being well versed in the varied traditions and rituals, we quickly understand the client’s requirement even before it is spelt out to us. This saves a lot of time for both sides. In addition, our experience and knowledge definitely lend a sense of confidence to the client who feels happy about the project being in safe hands.

Having practically done a lot of weddings gives us the knowledge of what to expect and how to manage. For example in a wedding we can easily help you gauge the o of guests expected once we have a fair idea of the number of invites that are going to be printed and sent out. There are loads of aspects in wedding planning that may skip your attention. Wedding planning being our profession we are readily prepared with all details well ahead.

Ø As wedding planners, we work to all budgets

Efficient budget management is one of the key components of wedding planning. A successful wedding planner is one who is able to give the best of options within your budget rather than make you stretch your budget and put you in trouble. The main challenge of being a wedding planner is working within a given budget. The budget may be big or small but the wedding planner must have the resources to present various options to the client or be creative enough to make variations to make the idea workable.

We never refuse a project on the basis of budget. It is very easy to work to a huge budget. As one of the top wedding planners in Chennai, we find most of our clients approaching us with the trepidation that we may shoot up their existing budget. This is misconstrued idea implanted in may. We make it clear from the beginning to them that every budget is workable. But quality of products may vary. This is not to say that less budget will fetch sub standard products. For example, where décor is concerned if real flowers are the reason for a budget hike, we suggest to the clients to go for alternative décor using mats, artificial flowers or just drapes. So it is our strength that we work to all budgets.

Ø Wedding planners must be Friendly, Open Minded & Easy to work with

We are an event management company based out of Chennai. But our strength lies in the fact that we have people approaching us from all over India and abroad. As one of Chennai’s top wedding planners, we do not advertise much and we look to our clients as our best public relations officers. With their wonderful reviews that reflects their true appreciation of our work, we get more clients coming into us.

As wedding planners, we are passionate about our work. Monetary aspects are secondary. Any client that approaches us is first made to feel comfortable and we freely share all relevant details with them with no constraints. Immaterial of whether they finally contract us or not, we give them free information based on our experience. They find an instant connect with us that later develops in an excellent working relationship. We do not force ourselves upon them unless they are fully convinced of our capabilities, this gives them the freedom to think at peace and they come back to us without fail.

In fact from wedding planners

we move on to become their life long family friends in most cases. That is the strength of Team Haritham.

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