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Mehndi - Ancient answer to the modern manicure & pedicure

As Wedding Planners our role begins in a major way from the pre-wedding functions like the Mehndi. We have amazing artists enrolled with us who can transform the limited space on the hands and feet into epic storytelling space with minute and intricate designs.

From simple Arabic designs to complicated figures we have extremely talented artists who can make your wedding the most memorable one from the word 'GO' Mehndi [originated from the Sanskrit word Mendhika] or Marudhaani as it is known popularly in the South of India refers to the traditional art of hand - painting using a paste of Henna. This practice dates as far back as the Vedic period. This art specific to and part of the rich Indian tradition involves making of a paste from Henna leaves and applying it using plastic cones to form intricate patterns and designs.

On a deeper note just think about it - application of ' Mehndi or Marudhaani ' served more than one purpose. It not only brought down body heat but also served as a way to beautify hands and feet. While we spend pots of money on fancy creams / spa treatments and nail colours our ancestors were ingenious enough to find herbal dyes that served multi - purpose ! The application of Mehndi is an essential part of any wedding or auspicious function and is conducted with great fanfare today. Great skill and dexterity is required and it is a huge business opportunity for women with an artistic bent of mind to take it up as a profession. In olden days when the concept of designer mehndi was not even thought about, the eldest "sumangali" in the family would look for an auspicious date and time and just dab mehndi on the bride's hands in the traditional manner. But over the years there is not one wedding that goes without a proper Mehndi get together. At Haritham Events, we work with amazingly talented Mehndi artistes. All the brides have been elated with the outcome of their mehndi designs and never fail to thank us for getting such professionals on board. Our artistes have a detailed discussion with the brides about the length and designs of their preference and their comfort levels in terms of the duration of the function. There are specialists who work on the bridal mehndi alone. For the relatives and guests of the bride, equally talented Mehndi artists are brought in and designs are drawn according to their wish - either traditional or arabic. More and more families are looking forward to hosting Mehndi functions in a big way because it gives them an opportunity to have a gathering of close relatives from both sides. Such Mehndi parties serve as ice breakers and set the mood for the wedding. As Event planners we love creating the beautiful atmosphere with appropriate decor, music, dance and food for such Mehndi get-togethers. At times dance choreographers from Team Haritham also pitch in to teach dance movements to the couple and their relatives / friends who perform the same with great enthusiasm and energy. Chaat items hog the top spot as far as the menu for the event is concerned. Clients look for easy-to-eat snacks and that which is not part of the regular wedding menu too

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