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Indian weddings are special and unique in several aspects. Apart from the unique traditions and customs Indian weddings are famous for the expansive use of flowers for decor, garlands, rituals apart from ladies adorning their hair. Garlands are an integral part of any Hindu wedding . The number of garlands used is perhaps the most in tambrahm weddings of Tamil Nadu. A minimum of 4 pairs of main garlands apart from lighter ones are a must in any Tambrahm wedding. The concept of wedding garlands has undergone a huge change from yesteryears. Till the 1980's garlands were made of either red roses, samanthi or sampangi flowers. There was no further variety as far as flowers were concerned. Whatever the colour of the couple's outfit these were the only available choices and no one had any say. The only grand element to the wedding garlands were the gold/ silver/ colour papers or strings that were bound around the garlands to give it a shiny aka grand look. As the wedding services industry expanded and got compartmentalised into various avenues a lot fresh thinking and creativity came in. Different flowers and patterns were tried. Colour coordinated garlands came into fashion. People did not mind paying huge sums for elaborately done wedding garlands Nowadays a special aspect of the wedding attire for the Bride and Groom is definitely the garlands that they wear. Beautifully done garlands can take the visual appeal to a different level. At Haritham we love to pay special attention to garlands for the couple. We wait for the bride to do her shopping and then suggest garlands accordingly. Our choices are aimed at accentuating the colours of her attire and fabric to make her look stunning. It is not just about the bride alone. In case of an engagement or a reception we also take cognisance of what the groom is going to wear to select the garlands.

It is not just the colours but one has to keep in mind the duration of a particular event and the durability of the flowers chosen to withstand the rigours of the climate and time span of events. For example the wedding Muhurtham rituals are generally long and the couple need to sit in front of the havan or homam for long hours So delicate flowers like orchids or full bloomed roses will not withstand the heat and wear and tear. So garlands that are made to certain patterns to meet the requirement. The wedding reception is generally a relaxed event and the attire of the couple is mainly western and so light weight garlands in orchids or roses suit the occasion. While making the wedding garlands we pay special attention to the height of the couple as well. In case the couple are quite tall then the length of the garlands has to be altered and vice versa. The colour scheme of the decor and the bride's attire play a huge role in deciding the colours and type of flowers to be used. Many florists spray paint flowers to match up the exact colour of the fabric. We never ecourage that bcoz the chemicals could leave lasting stains on the wedding attire which is disastrous. The weight of the wedding garlands also have a bearing on the amount of time the couple have to wear it. And the garlands have to be finished to perfection so as not to cause discomfort to the person wearing it. So the flowers have to be bound neatly at the neck portion with strings or pearls that are soft on the skin.

On her special day the bride needs no additional accessories to make her outstanding. The happy glow makes her look amazingly beautiful. The silks, jewellery, make up, hair do , flowers etc enhance that.

And garlands definitely make her look ethereal !

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