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DESSERTS – A Special Part of Wedding Catering

Wedding catering has undergone tremendous changes in the last few decades. Till 1980’s every family had a go to person who took care of the family weddings with his small team of people. Expectations were simple and a kalyana sapaadu or wedding meal was expected to be tasty, wholesome and served on time. There was a standard menu to be followed and post meal ice cream was considered special. Wedding catering now is run as an industry with all processes in place. The menu now displays pan India dishes with specialised Master Chefs delivering the best of regional specialities with their own team. Expectations run high and the wedding menu is nowhere near simple now. Every catering unit is vying to outdo the other with innovations galore. When it comes to Desserts the concept has changed so much that every guest plans the intake of the main course keeping in mind the variety of desserts on hand at any wedding. In earlier days a sweet and a payasam were by themselves considered sufficient to complete a meal. At best a cup of ice cream was added. Fruit salad and ice cream were considered as the ultimate desserts a few decades ago. Not anymore!

Varieties that one finds in terms of flavours in Ice Cream is Mind blowing. Right from tender coconut, coconut and coffee to all natural fruit flavours + dry fruit varieties, the variety is mind blowing. Apart from normal scoop ice creams the wedding caterer offers cassata, stone cold ice creams and even vegan ice creams. The wedding caterer offers the choicest of sweets in combination with ice creams for the dessert menu. Some favourite combos are: Carrot Halwa + Ice Cream Moong dal Halwa + Ice Cream Mal pua + Rabdi Live jalebi counter + Ice Cream Hot Gulab Jamun + Ice cream This is to name a few. We also have cupcakes, souffles, custard in addition to an array of Bengali sweets competing with each other to make it to the dessert menu. Ras Malai is an all-time favourite with all age groups. So is the Mutka Kulfi which also comes in a variety of flavours. Toppers and sauces add an interesting twist to the desserts. Some caterers put up Falooda stalls and also serve the famous Jigar Thanda from Madurai. With all the above mentioned desserts for the taking it is only right that every guest tries to balance consumption of the main wedding meal with small portions in order to try the amazing variety. Presentation is also at a different level with desserts being served in bottles, shot glasses with attractive accessories. In fact the dessert menus in weddings tempts even those without a sweet tooth to taste a bit of everything.

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