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Deciding the Wedding Menu: An interesting part of Wedding Catering

Selection of an appropriate Menu plays a major role in the success of an event - Its proper execution being the other major element. As wedding caterers in Chennai known for our innovative creations, we find that most of the time clients tend to copy the menu of the last wedding attended by them. Most clients are excited about choosing the menu. Only 10% of clients leave it completely to our discretion either due to lack of time or due to living away from home and not knowing the trend or simply because of a lack of interest in wedding catering and the allied choices. Some clients go by our success and experience as wedding caterers and feel we know what is BEST.

In the normal course of discussion with any wedding caterer, in the initial enthusiasm, the client tends to include all types of dishes to come up with a packed menu. When you are considered as one among the best wedding caterers in Chennai, we have a lot of responsibility in convincing our clients about the need for an appropriate and appealing menu.

Clients who perform weddings in their ancestral village or town lean more towards traditional dishes whereas clients based in Chennai tend to get a bit enthusiastic in mixing cuisines. It is then our duty to advise them what would be an ideal choice and the best appreciated too.

For a recent engagement that we did the client was very clear about he menu they wanted. It was an evening event, and they were particular about having only tiffin items in the menu. Since a large part of the invited guests were senior citizens, we worked on a menu that was easily digestible to them and at the same time giving the younger guests a great spread of what they would like to eat.

Wedding catering is all about knowing the pulse – in this case the taste – of the guests in general and providing what they look forward to. As marriage caterers we are duty bound to go by the client’s request but should also be responsible enough to give a wholesome menu that would satisfy most people invited and make it a memorable event for all concerned.

A lot factors contribute to the menu being a success. When it is a sit down elai-sappaadu (Banana Leaf) it is easy for the guests to eat certain dishes. The same dish will not be effective in a buffet where one has to balance a plate in one hand and then eat.

Similarly, weather conditions also play a role in choosing the right menu. When the weather is already chill guests would always like to consume something piping hot and not something very cold. Likewise, the occasion or event in question plays a major role in the selection of the menu. It is mandatory to have a few dishes in a wedding Muhurtham (auspicious time) menu like the Payasam, kalandha saadham, Pachidis, Sweet and traditional / regional items. It would be inappropriate to be doing a drastic change in the traditional wedding menu.

Some dishes are best served via live counters. Having these dishes as part of the menu in an event where it cannot be made fresh is a disaster. When the guest list is huge it is best not to clutter the menu with way too many items. Because when you have an elaborate menu, serving each dish and allowing the guests ample time to relish each dish will consume time causing delays in the next batch of guests

getting place to be seated. This is especially so in a sit-down lunch or dinner.

Wedding caterers have a lot resting on them – the success of the wedding itself in fact. Displaying the right kind of hospitality along with a tasty, sumptuous meal hygienically prepared and served is no mean feat.

At Haritham we take special care to reintroduce / familiarise our guests with traditional delicacies that are generally not taken up by wedding caterers because of the additional expertise and effort involved in making them.

Our introduction of Elai Adai and kozhukattai have been a great hit with the guests. The dining experience must be a holistic one for the guests. They should be treated well and served sumptuously so that they bless the couple and the hosting families to their heart’s content.

Deciding the wedding menu is not just about choosing dishes and putting it all together. There are a lot more factors to be considered and kept in mind before

bringing our a balanced, healthy, and tasty menu.

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