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Cross Cultural Weddings: Role of Wedding Planners/ Event Managers

Weddings in India are planned by the families of the bride and groom. Indian weddings are very elaborate, celebrations extending beyond a day in most communities. Pre wedding rituals and events need to be well planned; attention being paid to a lot of details.

Every community has its own set of rituals and traditions to be followed. If the couple are from the same religion or community the wedding is planned after detailed discussion between both families and execution of the plan is quite easy

Wedding planning gets challenging when either of the couple are from different religions, communities or even Nationality. The process of conducting the wedding in a way so as to accommodate rituals of both sides needs extensive knowledge and patience from both sides. Disagreements, if any, could leave both sides facing a difficult situation where progress is affected It is here that the Wedding Planners can perform a very active and balancing role.

As wedding planners we at Haritham are familiar with most sampradhayams. Acting as a neutral party the wedding planner can put forth suggestions in an unbiased manner, thus enabling both parties to see reason.

In case of different nationalities, the event planner helps in making the concerned party understand the Indian culture and rituals. This helps to prepare everyone on what is to be expected with no surprises or hard feelings at the end of the day.

The bride or groom (of a different nationality ) when educated on the purpose of traditions and rituals is able to appreciate and involve themselves better in the whole wedding.

Apart from rituals, food forms a very important part where tastes and likes differ. It is a very sensitive issue that needs careful handling to include likes and dislikes of everyone without hurting sentiments.

As a third party the wedding planner or wedding caterer is best suited to handle differences and bring things to a harmonious conclusion. Where elaborate arrangements are required, it is always easy to hand over charge top a wedding planner so that both sides enjoy the wedding without the added responsibility of organising things

Where financial contributions are involved, it is easy with a wedding planner handling all payments and being accountable to both families. The wedding planner or event manager becomes the one-point contact for resolving any issues that may arise at the last minute.

Where language is a barrier between the two families, a lot of stress can be avoided by handing over the wedding to a wedding planner / event planner. Timely and correct communication is of great importance in the planning stages of a cross cultural wedding. Lack of it is sure to give rise to unwanted tension. The wedding planner can ensure that communication is done smoothly and politely and always keep the atmosphere positive.

The presence of a professional

definitely is a boon, with both parties being rest assured of a smooth flow of events and getting time to enjoy the event in a relaxed manner

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