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Challenges in putting together Eco Friendly Wedding

As Wedding Planners, we at Haritham Events seriously believe that we have a social responsibility in terms of plastic usage and waste planning in weddings. Our role as event managers or wedding planners lies not only in putting together various aspects of wedding in a creative and cost effective way but also with an eye on being environment friendly. As a result plastics are a strict No No in weddings we plan/manage. Having an eco-friendly wedding is not a concept that every client agrees on for two reasons. Firstly, it is definitely a little more heavy on the budget and it may not completely sync with the clients' idea of the perfect grand wedding set up. Second and more important issue is in getting across the message to the guests. Provision of drinking water is our biggest challenge in trying to do an eco-friendly wedding. Covid or No - Covid guests in general associate cleanliness and hygiene with bottled water. In every wedding we place copper pots filled with water to which medicinal herbs and spices ( cardamom, lavang etc) are added to produce the most flavourful and beneficial drinking water. Except for a few , most of the guests at weddings look to us to give them water bottles. Our humble suggestion / request to use the water in the copper pots ( with disposable glasses provided) is never heeded to. When the client requests us to avoid plastic bottles we have no choice but to politely convey to them the clients ideals and thoughts and request them to cooperate When food is served we do not face much hassles since we anyway insist on using biodegradable products to serve payasams, sweets and other dishes that call for separate cups It would hugely benefit our society if every guest realises that they too have a social responsibility in guarding our planet against the menace of plastics and understand the intentions of wedding caterers & wedding planners #weddingplanning #bestweddigplannersinchennai #eventplanning #besteventplanners #ecofriendlywedding #saynotopplastics #copper #brass #mutka #water #payasam #kheer #papercups #mudpots #thematicweddings #eventmanagement #eventmanagers #socialresponsibility

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