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BRIDAL MAKE UP: 10 Important Makeup Tips

It is every bride’s dream to look her best on her wedding day. She takes elaborate care to get every detail perfect as far as her bridal outfit and make up goes. General tendency is to keep everything grand, not realising that at times simple is simply beautiful.

For getting good wedding photographs one need not necessarily be decked up with heavy jewellery or use heavy makeup. As wedding planners, we work with Professional makeup artistes who are extremely knowledgeable on what suits the bride and what will stand out in terms of wedding photography. We suggest the best of our makeup professionals to our clients.

Here are some useful tips that will come in handy while planning the Bridal Make -up.

Get you bridal outfits ready well in advance. Decide in consultation with your makeup artist on what your hairstyle will look good with the outfit and the event.

Decide on your look for each section of the wedding and then plan your make up according to the venue and time of the day. Have a trial run to see what suits you and to check if you are allergic to any product.

1. Face Make up Avoid Oil makeup especially if the wedding rituals are being done with a lot of Homams (rituals performed with Agni)) involved. The heat from the fire could act up on your face and leave you looking oily and sticky. The make up that you use must last a few hours and so have a detailed consultation with an experienced beautician on what will suit your skin tone. Highlight your best features to make you look stunning.

2. A Thorough Job

Please ensure that your neck and shoulders too are made up appropriately – especially if you intend wearing a low-neck outfit. The skin tones have to be even and match with that of the face colour. Cameras these days are so sophisticated that even a light change in skin tone will be highlighted. Ensure your exposed part of the arms are also in sync with your face colour.

3. Eye Up

Pay special attention to your eyes. There is nothing to beat a pair of beautifully made-up eyes. If you are the emotional kind, ready to cry at the drop of a hat opt for waterproof liners & mascara. Weddings are places of high drama, and it certainly won’t do you any good if you are teary eyed with eyeliner running down your cheeks. Buy good quality branded products when you get your kit ready. Test the product initially in case you have allergic skin. These are pre wedding activities that will result in good wedding photography and highlight your bridal makeup..

4. Do not Share

Other than your eyes care needs to be taken on how well your lip color suits you and your outfit. There is nothing more disastrous than having mis-matched lip color. Ensure that your makeup is used only by you. Be Selfish. Do not let others borrow your items. You may not find it when you need it the most. Invest in a Good Make Up kit. Even if you are a person who does not use much makeup doesn’t matter. Post wedding you will be invited for numerous lunches & dinners, and you would definitely want to look your best. It will come in handy then. 5. Choosing the right Products

Another very important part of Makeup is choosing the right type of Bindi. Choose something that will still be visible from a distance because only then your face will look bright when we shoot from a distance. At times the bindis are too full of stones that look nice up close but look washed out from afar. Check with the wedding photographer or a test shot in case of doubt. This is an important tip because it is the bindi that gives definition to your face and can change the complete look.

6. Comfort Levels

Do not wear anything that you are not confident of carrying off. Else you will always be in doubt about how you look and will subconsciously fidget with your accessories. Single “Maang Tikkas” or single ‘ Neththi Chuttis’ always pose a problem if not fixed properly. Ensure they are unobtrusively pinned in place so that they do not slide from side to side each time you have to bend down to take others’ blessings.

7. Ensure Good Condition of Accessories Ensure your accessories are all tightly screwed and well in place. Ensure all links and hooks are in place. And make alternative arrangements in advance in case a link gets cut or broken! Take time off to see how you can fix and hold in place the extra fittings – as part of the traditional hair do – so that there are no last-minute hiccups.

8. Choosing the right Accessories

Try to avoid glass bangles and go for non-breakable ones. Arrange your bangles in order of the outfit well in advance and stack them up in separated boxes. It is always advisable to go in for traditional type of jewellery like a Vangi or armlet. The modern-day ones come with a tie – up option and in most cases start loosening up halfway through the wedding rituals.

9. Quick Touch up Kit

A quick touch up and minor re- dos while changing costumes really helps in looking your best. Again, this is one aspect where a best friend or a cousin can be of great help. Have one of your best friends always hold a small handy kit with them for quick disaster management – like an extra bindi if the one you have worn, accidentally falls off, some tissues, a few hair pins, safety pins, a lip gloss………. and ensure they stay within ear – shot.

Always have a few wet tissues in hand to wipe away those” extras” that are bound to be placed on you.

10. Getting Expert Opinion

Finish your eye makeup once and for all if you plan to wear contact lenses. You should be perfectly comfortable before you put on your lenses. Else powder dust or the eye liner could cause irritation in your eye. Else consult your ophthalmologist and do it the way it is comfortable for you.

Over and above all this, stay confident and smile brightly to look your BEST !

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