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Shilpa Weds Bjorn

Shilpa and Bjorn decided they were going to enjoy their wedding no matter what! Day 1 of the wedding had us taking care of the wedding catering, event management of the rituals, wedding photography etc.

On day 2 the wedding took place at a five-star hotel. They were clear about what they wanted in terms of wedding decor. The theme of the wedding was Lotus and Lillies and the decor was centred around it - both indoors & outdoors. 

Garlands were coordinated with the theme and the entire output was ethereal and amazing.Our wedding photography team did a great job of capturing the proceedings so beautifully that guests watching the Live Webcast were stumped by the arrangements we had made. 

With food being taken care of by the hotel we did the work of event managers by guiding them on leaf service and other aspects of food. 
With both - Shilpa & Bjorn -  having a huge bunch of friends the entire wedding proceedings was livened up by them. The energy levels were so good that they were only happy faces all around.

Inter religious wedding.jpg
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