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Nithya weds Aravind

Nithya and Aravind were a little different from most of our other clients. The couple wanted to keep everything very simple and were not for ostentatious spending. Whereas both sets of parents wanted a grand wedding. Kanaka and Raghavan, the bride’s parents, gave us a free hand imposing complete faith in our capabilities to put together an amazing wedding.

In fact they rubbed a few people on the wrong side when they insisted that we do the catering because they were so much in love with the taste / quality of our food and Seer Bakshanam.

To this day they are our biggest PRO’s and would blindly recommend us to any one looking for wedding planners. Even a year after the wedding they express their happiness to us every other day and thank us for giving them the dream wedding of their daughter

stage backdrop.jpg
tea kadai.jpg
meenakari sweet box.jpg
Brass basket.jpg
Engagement trays.jpg
Sweet box meenakari.jpg
Lagna pathirikai.jpg
Wedding stage decoration.jpg
Plants for gifting .jpg
vegetable art.jpg
vegetable art
Vegetable art.jpg
Vegetable art for wedding display.jpg
vegetable art.jpg
vegetable art.jpg
Groom's car.jpg
Iyengar bride.jpg
couple shot.jpg
couple shot.jpg
fusion music for wedding.jpg
seer bakshanam.jpg
mandapam decor.jpg
pattu pai with names of couple.jpg
kasi yathirai set.jpg
wedding catering.jpg
Iyengar wedding.jpg
Iyengar wedding couple.jpg
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