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Wedding planning is taking new dimensions by introducing theme based and concept based weddings. Going eco-friendly and Go Green are the latest. There is an increased consciousness to preserve nature by not using paper coffee cups, plastic water bottles, disposable cutlery, plastic bags, disposable cleaning cloths and food packaging and other harmful materials, especially in weddings where the consumption is large
As the top-rated wedding planners in Chennai we do our bit in enlightening our clients as to how eco-friendly a wedding can be given their budget and requirements


  • E – invites to avoid Paper

  • Hand Made Paper Invites

  • Plant seed paper invites

Décor: Using natural elements to create the name  board, entrance decor, stage backdrop etc by using

  • Coir

  • Bamboo

  • Wood

  • Leaves

  • Murals

  • Paper

  • Cloth /Jute  Drapes

Bags for Return Gifts (Thamboolam Bags)

  • Bags made of recycled paper

  • Bamboo baskets

  • Cane baskets or trays

  • Palm leaf baskets

  • Coir Baskets

  • Cotton or Jute


  • Stainless steel tumblers, cups and plates that can be washed and reused

  • Mutkas (earthern pots) to serve beverages & water

  • Huge Mud Pots strategically placed with drinking water

  • Small Mud pots for curd and sweet dishes

  • Recycled paper tissues

  • In case of Buffet you can have Areca plates and cups as a substitute for stainless steel plates

  • Millet based recipes

  • Herbs and Salads as part of every menu

  • Use of organic vegetables and fruits, where cost permits

  • No preservatives or chemical seasonings

  • No artificially flavoured Beverages


  • Use of Brass vessels or Areca products on stage for use during wedding rituals

  • Bridal costumes can be sourced from Ahimsa Silk or can be made from fabrics made of bamboo or sugarcane.

  • Handwoven / handmade / handloom products as return gifts for guests

  • Garbage disposal planned to generate biogas

Our ancestors had eco-friendly items as part of their daily life. They ate from plantain leaves and lotus leaves (Thaiyal Ilai), used copper pots or mud pots to drink water, used ‘dhonnais’ for cups, used cow dung as disinfectant and so on. 

As Wedding Planners, at Haritham, we respect anything that has a history and tradition to it. As a rule, we avoid using plastics at all costs. We try to minimize use of paper to contribute our bit towards having a healthy environment. Traditional products like earthenware, bamboo, jute and recyclable items are on top of our list.


If you can do away with the hard copy, e invites are the best. With whatsapp and mails being accessed by all it is easier to ensure guests have all details, not to mention that sending them reminders is even more easy. If printed invites are a must then handmade paper is a great option. Seed paper invites are slightly more expensive but useful since every invite grows into a plant


Wedding Décor
Where wedding décor is concerned there is no limit to creating beautiful back drops and décor pieces with jute, bamboo, cane , wood cloth and even Banana and Lotus leaves that are pleasing to the eyes and senses

Right from the containers used for rituals and Pooja used by the purohits we look for aesthetics in every detail. We take it a bit further and try to provide organic vegetables where the client affords us the liberty.  

Thamboolam Bags
As wedding planners we offer a wide array of options to our clients in terms of Thamboolam bags. Starting from recycled paper to cotton and jute bags the variety is amazing. To promote cottage industries and small sacle industries we also suggest baskets and trays made of coir, palm leaves, bamboo and cane. These products double up as return gifts too, thus saving a bit on the budget. And they are all reusable

Wedding Catering
Event catering currently encompasses a whole gamut of allied services. This is one area of service where a lot can be done to adapt the eco friendly concept. Plastic bottles are a strict no – no.

Stainless steel tumblers and cups are a great option. If cleaning issues crop up in weddings where guest numbers are huge the disposable options like mutkas (earthern cups) and areca products can be looked into. They are user friendly, hygienic, biodegradable, suitable for all kinds of food, light weight and easily available.


Where budget permits organic vegetables and fruits can be used in cooking. A planned menu by the wedding caterer can take this concept several notches up.

Use of millets, natural food colours, herbs and traditional methods of cooking are some of the ways in which we as wedding caterers do our bit to make the food served eco-friendly.

Gathering of any type entails huge waste on hand that must be disposed off properly.  More so at weddings where food is one of the main services.  We believe that planning is better than looking for a solution post the event. Arrangements can be made to convert the biodegradable waste into biogas.

Bridal Wear

The bride can opt to wear silk sarees made from Ahimsa silk. Bamboo and sugarcane fibres also a wide range of exquisite sarees which can be substituted for pure silk sarees.


As wedding Planner, Haritham is ready to go any lengths to reduce the damage to our environment. Eco friendly weddings do cost more. But the satisfaction that one derives at the end of the wedding has no comparison

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