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Haritham organises the best Destination weddings

 Unlike the days in the past, where the Weddings are usually done at one residence or in a wedding hall very close to the bride’s home, Destination weddings have caught the fancy of many youngsters now a days. Celebrating your wedding away from your (read Couple’s) hometown at a romantic getaway or any place having an affiliation or attraction for the couple can be termed as a destination wedding.

Reasons are many for going away from the usual wedding venues to much more unique and fancy destinations. First of all it could be the dream of the couple or their family and just to break the monotony, have a unique feel and also offer a unique experience to the invited guests.

Usually for destination weddings a seaside coordinate remains the favourite.

The location for destination wedding can be either in India or Abroad.

You can enact a completely new theme to make the place look exotic or Just make the space decked for the wedding with  incredible decor

Haritham can be your best destination wedding planner in India and Abroad

Temple | Seaside Resort | Mountain Resort | Palace | Castles | On a Cruise | Underwater Weddings | - You name it we will get you there.

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