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Dhivya weds Gokul

Dhivya’s effervescence was a complete contrast to Gokul’s calculated/ cautious approach to planning their wedding. She was always full of life, articulate, vocal about what she wanted while he was laid back, contemplative – in short each was so unlike the other. But they came together as a great couple, well balanced and clear in how they wanted their wedding to be.
Bride entry.jpg

True to her bubbly self, Dhivya making an animated entry at the venue

Dog at a wedding.jpg

Look who is here for the wedding! Dhivya wanted her adorable pet ‘COFFEE ‘also to be a part of the celebration and we had nice garlands made for him for every occasion

groom entry.jpg

Gokul is all smiles, overwhelmed by the grand reception accorded to him

selfie booth.jpg

Picture Perfect – the couple at the selfie booth set up

Sangeet at a wedding.jpg

Sangeet was a fun filled affair with lots of fun, music, choreographed dances, jokes giving way to hilarious moments. Family and friends from both sides pitched in to make a memorable event.

stage back drop decoration.jpg
stage backdrop for muhurtham.jpg

Burning the midnight oil and getting the traditional set up ready for the next morning…….and the stage is set

Muhurtham couple shot.jpg
Couple shot

Dhivya and Gokul were fresh as daisies the next morning and our photographers had a great time shooting them

bride surprising groom.jpg

Dhivya had a surprise for Gokul with a band performing his favourite songs

muhurtham couple shot.jpg
muhurtham couple shot.jpg
wedding couple shot

As the wedding rituals got underway Dhivya was a photographer’s delight with her spontaneous reactions

kasi yathirai.jpg
maalai mathal.jpg
malai mathal.jpg
Kasi yathirai.jpg

Since it was an outdoor venue there  was a lot of greenery and space that gave a fresh  and lively feel to the kasi yaathirai, malai maatrudhal and Oonjal rituals

arya samaj wedding.jpg
arya samaj wedding.jpg

The Wedding rituals that followed were done in Arya Samaj style and the couple took their wedding vows after the priest explained the significance of all mantras amidst a few lighter moments.

cocktail party.jpg
cocktail party.jpg
cocktail partyy.jpg

In the evening it was time for Cocktails, Music, Dance and making merry with family and friends. The décor was done with more of lights to give the sea side venue an ethereal look.  Our DJ Udhaya had everyone dancing to her tunes.

fire blower.jpg

Not to be left behind our bartender stole the show with his fireworks.

venue: vaibhavam lawns, ecr, chennai

photographer: raghu lakshminaarayanan, photostrophe, chennai

catering: haritham, chennai

seer bakshanam: haritham, chennai

designed and conducted by: HARITHAM EVENTS, CHENNAI

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